Well, our final week of introduction to drama had come and this was our big moment ­- we had to perform our chosen monologue for the entire class. To get us in the right frame of mind for the performance, we started with a few techniques to help us relax.

As we did this I remembered why I decided to do the course in the first place, and how much I’d got from it in 10 weeks. I decided to take the course because I have always loved movies and felt that I would enjoy doing drama.

I wanted to learn more about how actors do what they do, and to be able to tell great stories through acting out a scenario. Also, it sounded like a lot of fun. I wasn’t really sure what to expect before I started as I didn’t know much about the process.

I was surprised at the amount of improvisation games that were involved. They weren’t one of my strengths, which I think lay more in script and character work, but I could see the benefit of spending time on that area. All the improv was a lot of fun though and I know the rest of the class really enjoyed it. My main reason for doing the course was I wanted to build confidence in myself and see if I could actually do a bit of acting.

I hoped to have fun while doing so and I did. I also wanted to make some new friends that had similar interests to my own. I was always looking forward to the next week and I feel that by doing the course I’m a lot less nervous about trying new things. The buzz I got from the final performance was brilliant, and something I want to experience again!

I was nervous ahead of it, which is why the relaxation techniques helped me a lot. I was feeling a little bit nervous at the thought of being on stage by myself. But then I just went for it. I was one of the first few to do my piece and once I had done it I was on cloud nine, because I achieved what I had worked on for the past few weeks. It was great getting to show my classmates.

Everyone did really well and I thoroughly enjoyed this week. Now that’s it’s finished, I have to decide if I can take it further and I definitely will. I enjoyed it so much and don’t want to give it up just because this course has finished. I think if you find something fun and have a keen interest in it then you should keep doing it because it makes you happy. I’m thinking about doing the Page To Stage course ­- that’s the follow up course after this one.

I would also easily recommend this class to other people. I think it would suit everyone, from people who are just a bit curious about acting to those who want to try something a little different.

As soon as you walk in the door on that first week your nerves are put at ease and everyone at the school is so nice. They also just want you to enjoy yourself, so that creates a great atmosphere. Finally, it was just great fun!


An ‘Introduction to Drama Course’ at The Gaiety School of Acting – The National Theatre School of Ireland, Nov 2014.


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