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Actors needed for student short film.

The short is about a girl, Sarah, (around 19-22) who is in a mental
asylum/prison for killing her parents and best friend two years
before and her brother, Bryan, (two years older so around 21-24)
who comes in to visit her for the first time since she entered the
prison. It is essentially the conversation that they have about what
happened but Sarah is obsessed with her innocence and constantly
is claiming to be a good person, which she proves not to be as the
story progresses.

Sarah is manipulative, malevolent, malicious and doesn’t see any
wrong in what she has done, but is capable of fooling the audience
into pitying her. Bryan is calmer and less dramatic than his sister,
but has been affected greatly by what has happened and only goes
to visit Sarah because she won’t stop trying to contact him. He is
bitter and angry at her which only grows and becomes stronger as
throughout the story.

A CV and headshot is needed, as well as a short video
reading a few lines from the script which can be sent.



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Advice & Tips for your Drama School Audition

You’ve submitted your application, you’ve received your Round 1 audition date and time and the day has finally arrived. Insomnia got the better of you the night before and now you’re feeling tired as well as nervous. But hey, at least you’re prepared … or so you think you are.

Preparation is the key to success for every audition, especially for the Gaiety School of Acting – the National Theatre School of Ireland. And that doesn’t mean just remembering all of the lines. Finding the right monologues that are age appropriate and engaging will help you to stand out from the crowd. Monologues should be contrasting in order for us to gauge your range of acting ability. For example, if you choose Juliet’s speech before she takes the potion, then it would be wise for you to go for a comedic contemporary piece for your other monologue. On the other hand, if you’re a strong singer and would like to perform a monologue which would encompass a song, by all means, go for it. Playing to your strengths is always a good thing.

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When it comes to choosing your pieces, never pick them from a monologue book. It’s important that you read the plays in their entirety so that you understand the motives and complexities behind the character’s speech. There is nothing worse than a one-dimensional performance and the audition panel will recognise an ill-prepared monologue immediately. You may also be asked questions about the character and why you chose the piece or if you felt a particular affinity to him/her. We want to make sure that you’ve done your research. This indicates to us your level of attention to detail and commitment – traits that we look favourably upon at the GSA. Film might be your thing but it doesn’t work when it comes to general theatre auditions. We’ve experienced way too many Marlon Brando impressions for our liking so steer clear!

We tend to see the same audition pieces over and over again and there’s good reason for that. Some stand the test of time better than others. However, to ensure that your contemporary monologue isn’t being performed to the audition panel for the fifth time that day, consider doing a piece of new writing from a play that you have seen and enjoyed recently. Consider something from Fishamble’s ‘Tiny Plays for Ireland’ or from the Rough Magic SEEDs programme. Don’t be shy about approaching the production companies if you wish to read a script of a play that has already been staged but has yet to be published. There is a lot of goodwill amongst the theatre community and they will take it as a compliment that you want to use their material for an audition. Another useful source is the Irish Playography website –
So you’ve chosen your monologues, read the plays inside out and could probably deliver an hour long seminar to PhD candidates. Now to test it on a willing faux panel! Ask your drama teacher, your English teacher (if you’re still in school) or a fellow thespian to watch you rehearse; or even enroll on a Casting & Audition Masterclass. As the old saying goes, practice makes perfect.

One of the vital elements of your audition is your voice. The panel need to be able to hear you so it is essential that you are clear and articulate in your delivery. We run regular Voice Masterclasses throughout the year, facilitated by tutors on our Two Year Full Time Professional Actor Training Programme, where you will learn how to regulate your breathing and ground yourself. And use your own accent. It can detract from your performance if your ‘Noo Yawk’ accent is terrible. Same goes for a Shakespearean monologue.

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Movement and gesture may be fundamental when it comes to embodying the character fully but stillness can be just as powerful. Think about how the character might move. Use movement wisely and naturally. There is nothing more frustrating than seeing an actor walk erratically around a room, head bent, when the character calls for a performance that should be centre stage and directed outwards.

Be flexible. You may be asked to perform your monologue in a different tone or directed at one of the panel members. You will need to be able to think on your feet so don’t get locked into performing your pieces just one way. Play with the words, play with the gestures, play with the blocking.

Following your audition, the panel will want to learn more about you, the person. How passionate are you about acting, theatre, the Arts? When did you last see a play? Why choose the Gaiety School of Acting? Why train? They want to get a sense of your commitment to the craft, your openness to learn, to understand your motivation to become an actor and your ambition to create.

You have 15 minutes to shine. Energy, preparedness and adaptability will help you over the line. That and good old raw talent. Think of it as a performance with a captive audience. Try to remember the panel are real people too and they want you to succeed. And most importantly, enjoy the experience and the lifetime of opportunities it may bring.

Book your audition for the Gaiety School of Acting Full-Time Actor Training Programme Here.


Karen Lee, Full-Time & International Programme Coordinator


Volunteers needed for Bram Stoker Festival


‘They’re creepy and they’re kooky, Mysterious and spooky,

They’re altogether ooky, The Bram Stoker Festival Family.’

This year sees Bram Stoker Festival spawn a programme more adventurous, outrageous, ambitious and deliciously debauched than before from quirky family ‘funderlands’ and contemporary art installations during the innocent daylight hours before mutating into something more sinister beneath the pale moonlight: from night time outdoor forest aerial acts to freak show carnivals… come closer…but beware…we bite! And once bitten by the volunteering bug there is no cure but to join our Festival Family of Monsters.

Our ‘Monsters’ can be found at our ‘graveyards’ (venues) throughout the festival meeting, greeting and scaring our audience while being the face of the festival.  They will protect them from the shadows at our outdoor events and encourage them to bring out their darker side at our night events.  These undead masses selflessly give up their free time to make sure that the public enjoy themselves and that the festival is a ‘screaming’ success.

This October Bank Holiday Weekend (28th-31st) sees opportunities in not only our traditional roles of – Front of House duties in venues and but also in make up, artist liaison, social media correspondents and festival photography. ‘If you go down to the woods today you’ll find a big surprise’ …. Do you have what it takes?

How To Become a Volunteer Monster This Festival

Simply complete the Volunteers Application and email it back to the Volunteers Dept by October 14th. Any questions, comments or queries please do not hesitate to contact Mama Morticia at

Volunteer Recruitment Open Call

Or if you are one of those monsters who easily get distracted by a daylight and miss deadlines (just ever so slightly) why not come along to our Volunteer Recruitment Open Call on Saturday October 15th @ 14:00hrs  at the DIFF HOUSE, 13 Lower Ormond Quay, Dublin 2  you can fill in the application there and then and learn more about our Family of Volunteering Critters. – MAMA MORTICIA


DEADline for Applications is the Friday, 14th of October 2016

by 5pm sharp

Casting for Male actor (mid 20s +) production of Anthony Neilson’s ‘Stitching’.

BlackLight Theatre Company is seeking a male actor (mid 20s +) for a November production of Anthony Neilson’s ‘Stitching’. This is an unpaid role, but profits will be shared.

‘Stitching’ will be staged in the Back Loft at La Cathedral Studios in Dublin, on November 24th, 25th, and 26th. Rehearsals will take place largely during evenings and weekends, but flexibility is a plus.

You can contact the company through:
Twitter: @BlackLight2020

Deadline for submissions: FRIDAY 9 SEPTEMBER 2016, 5pm


The Gaiety School of Acting’s new term of courses begins in October – book now!


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Actors needed for touring production – Paid

Production Type – Theatre-in-Education ROI & NI Tour

Salary – €400 p/wk + expenses + accommodation on tour

Location – ROI & NI Tour

Production Dates – Audition Date: 8 September, Central Dublin
Rehearsals: 19 September – 23 September, Central Dublin
Tour: 26 September 2016 to 25 November 2016.
There is a one week break for half term WC 24 October 2016.

Production Details – One show tours post-primary/secondary schools in Ireland and Northern Ireland, raising the awareness of the problems caused by litter and promoting the responsible disposal of chewing gum and other litter to benefit the surrounding environment. The roles involve acting, presenting and facilitating with the audience so performers need to be confident working with young people in this way. The team consists of two actors, doing a minimum of two shows a day. Accommodation will be provided on tour. You will be responsible for the tour vehicle, ensuring you get in and get out of each show on time as well as the maintenance of props and kit whilst on tour. Applicants need to have a valid driving license.

Auditions and rehearsals will be in Dublin.

Doc: Doc is a typical mad scientist with crazy ideas. His role includes acting, presenting and interacting with the audience in a variety of different character roles as well as a facilitation role.

Taylor: Taylor is a quirky scientist who always reins Doc in when he wonders off. Her role includes acting, presenting and interacting with the audience in a variety of different character roles as well as a facilitation role.

Contact for more information.

Models/Actors Needed for Photoshoot

Clinic in Clontarf are looking for the following models for video and photograph shoot on Tuesday 30th August for new website and promotion material. There will be a professional photographer / videographer involved in the project, Dominique Davoust, and Philip O’Meara from Pathbridge PR and Marketing company overseeing the day.

1.) Attractive female in her 20s
2.) Attractive male in 20s
3.) Attractive female in her 40s
4.) Attractive male in his 40s
5.) Male or female aged 60 or above

Ideally, candidates would enjoy some form of exercise as a number of the shots will involve either a Physiotherapist or Strength and Conditioning Coach showing you some exercises +/- administering treatment (might be a chance to get some free advice / top tips / treatment in the process!).

Filming is scheduled for Tuesday 30th August at the clinic in Clontarf. There is a schedule for the day, so we are hoping that actors would only need to put 1-2hrs aside. If any more time is required, actors will be renumerated accordingly. We look forward to hearing from you!

Renumeration: €50 per two hours.


The Gaiety School of Acting is not connected with any of the castings posted on this blog.


The Autumn term for adult and kids classes start back in October – check out our full list of courses here. 


Filmmaker is searching for a young looking 12 to 14 year old boy for a short video.Unfortunately, there is no budget for this but the film will be put forward to various festivals.
The young person must have a Dublin accent.
Its a main role in the short.
Young person must be accompanied by a responsible adult both to the auditions and on the shoot site.
Auditions will take place in a city centre location, date to be decided.
It will be a one day shoot.
If you’re interested, please send a head shot and a CV to


The Gaiety School of Acting is in no way affiliated with any of the castings posted on this blog.

Two Actors Needed

Bethencourt Productions seek two actors:

One female, early twenties, South Dublin accent to understudy the leading role of Olwyn McVeagh in the current successful production of Easter Tuesday by John Lattimore. The understudy must be available to perform on September 4th & 18th 2016.
Terms are profit-share. Rehearsals are part-time and performances are Sundays only.

One  male actor late twenties South Dublin accent to do a voice recording for the play.
If you would like to audition, please email with your CV (include height, dress and shoe size) and a short video introducing yourself (female actors), or soundbite (male actors); and to request a script.


Unless otherwise stated, the Gaiety School of Acting is not affiliated with any castings posted on this blog.


Volunteer Actors Needed for Research Project

Research Project: Effects of emotion on eyewitness memory The UCD Attention & Memory Lab are seeking actors (male or female) for a number of short videos which will be used in a study of eyewitness memory at the School of Psychology. All filming will take place on campus at UCD and will involve a total time commitment of 2-3 hours. The project will take place in late September/early October. The objective of this study is to examine the factors that predict good and bad eyewitness memory. This type of study can make an important contribution to the understanding of eyewitness testimony, which plays a crucial role in justice systems around the world. One factor that we are investigating is the effect of emotional state on memory.

We are aiming to make short videos (approx. 5mins each) with a positive, negative or neutral emotional tone. Positive videos will feature a friend reunion, negative videos will involve a robbery, and neutral videos will involve a shop transaction.

For further information, or if interested please contact: Francesca Farina, PhD Email: Tel: 01 716 8337 Web:

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