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Volunteers Wanted for Dublin Fringe Festival 2018

Each September, a rampant outbreak of individuals or clusters of bodies don t-shirts and voluntarily run about the city directing the public and strangers alike to immersive themselves in Fringe: this strain of binge ‘festivalling’ is wholeheartedly encouraged.

Our Volunteer aides and nurses are becoming a national institution – their passion and spirit are as infectious and fresh to performers, artists, producers and writers as when Fringe first started back in the nineties. Their selfless commitment helps the festival to showcase the best in new Irish talent and the most innovative international performers. #SharingIsCaring

Fringe Benefits: Positive lasting outcomes may include prescribed parties to heal our fight-fatigued souls and soothe us with filthy laughs, distill rage and brew art from the inexpressible. Volunteering and Fringe combined is the adrenaline of chance, limitless euphoria and ‘joy as an act of resistance’.

Fringe Side Effects: long exposure to such euphoric events and revelations may lead one to becoming, as our Chief In Residence has noted, ‘a dreamer and doer, wordsmith and radical, crafter, grafter or pirate’.  These outwardly signs of artistic emotion and inclusion are not to be frowned upon but nurtured so they can step in and carry on the legacy. Volunteering is an advantageous addiction that stokes the artist in all of us.

Why not volunteer with us? We have positions as supervisors, Front of House & Ticketing Volunteers, Admin & Production as well as Outdoor Marshalls & Street Team vacancies.

So why not take a chance and volunteer – you never know, it could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship with the Performing Arts in Dublin –#OurFringeBrigade

“Art Should Comfort The Disturbed, And Disturb The Comfortable” – A Keen But Anonymous Arts Observer (probably a one time Volunteer)


How to become a Volunteer Fringe Alchemist
Simply complete the Volunteers application prescription here (or PDF version here) and email it back to Matron Mama Paul Donnelly by 19 August to be included in our Recruitment Day Clinic invite. Any questions, comments or queries please do not hesitate to contact this Festival Volunteer Matron Paul Donnelly at


Shy, Curious or just Damn Right Inquisitively Concerned?
Showing symptoms of Volunteering-itis but still not sure that you want to be diagnosed – why not come along to our Open Recruitment Call Clinic on Saturday 18 August @ 14:00 in Studio 2, FRINGE LAB. Hear our Festival Volunteering Family’s secrets: why it just works; why our Annual Bake Off #SoggyBottomsUnite is the most sought after competitive event of the festival; and why you should just embrace that volunteering itch. #VolunteerCultureIsCulture

Deadline for completed applications is Sunday 19 August 2018, 5pm sharp


– Paul Donnelly – Mother FRINGE –  Fringe Volunteers Coordinator


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Nth Degree Productions – Casting Call

Nth Degree Productions are seeking a wide range of Acting and Technical talent for Theatre, Film and TV as they prepare for the working years 2019/20. If applying, please ensure you include your CV, showreel and voice demo. As there are a number of projects and roles please ensure that you fill in the subject line as stated below.


Seeking an Irish female v/o artist for our critically acclaimed show ‘The Words Are There’. There will be a long-term contract for the years 2018/19/20/21. This production will play in Ireland and in the Edinburgh Fringe in 2019.

Lead role. Female. Age 20’s – Early 30’s. Irish.

Please send on a Headshot, voice demo to . Please put in the subject line, FAO Sarah. Ref: Words


Seeking two French v/o actors for our critically acclaimed show ‘THE WORDS ARE THERE.’ The show will be translated into french and will tour to France in 2019.

Male lead. Age 20’s. French.
Female lead. Age 20’s French.

Please send on a Headshot, CV, voice demo to . Please put in the subject line, FAO Ronan. Ref: Words


Seeking x1 Female x1 Male and a 10 year old child actor, male or female. The show will tour in 2019/20 Dublin – Paris – Bordeaux – Minneapolis – Chicago

Child actor M/F 10 – 12 years (Plus chaperone/Parent.) Any nationality.
Male. Age 30’s. Any nationality.
Female. Age 20’s. Any nationality.

Please send on your Headshot, CV, showreel to . Please put in the subject line, FAO Nicole Ref: Enfant foret


Seeking 2 male actors for a new play which will debut in Dublin in 2019 and will tour from there nationally.

Male. Late 50’s. Irish.
Male. Mid 20’s. Irish. (Classical music exp. an advantage.)

Please send on your Headshot, CV, showreel to . Please put in the subject line, FAO Matt Ref: Vigil of coco


Seeking a number of people to embark on a large scale theatrical production which will be an 18 month development project. The vision is to build an ensemble for this particular production and it will be specifically devised and very much artist driven based on a concept/Idea. Dancers, actors, visual artists wanted. Extensive movement training and a devising background is essential. Musical instrument playing and singing is of huge advantage.

Female roles x5. Age 20’s to 30’s. Any nationality.
Male roles x3. Age 20’s to 40’s. Any nationality.
Visual digital artist x2.
Stage manager x2

Please send on your Headshot, CV, showreel, portfolio and let us know if you play an instrument at Please put in the subject line, FAO Sarah Ref: Centauri


Seeking a female actor to collaborate on a new one woman show which will play in the new year in Dublin and Edinburgh in 2019.

Female role. Age mid 20’s – early 30’s. Irish national.

Please send on your Headshot, CV, showreel to . Please put in the subject line, FAO Ronan/Nicole Ref: Self


Seeking one actor of English origin with screen experience for a new series to be shot in 2018.

Male or female role. Age 30’s – 40’s. English origin.

Please send on your Headshot, CV, showreel to . Please put in the subject line, FAO Sarah Ref: The Social


Seeking one male and one female actor for a new feature to be shot in 2019.

Female role. Age 20’s. Italian/Spanish/French
Male role. Age 20 – 30. Irish

Please send on your Headshot, CV, showreel to . Please put in the subject line, FAO Ronan Ref: Need to Scream


Seeking one male actor and one female actor for a new short film to be shot soon in 2018.

Male role. Late 50’s. Must be able to sing.
Female role. Age 20’s. Music knowledge and music teaching experience essential.

Please send on your Headshot, CV, showreel to . Please put in the subject line, FAO Nicole Ref: Upskill


Seeking one female and one male actor for a new short film to be shot in 2019.

Female role. Age Early 30’s. Dark Hair. Irish.
Male role. Age Early 30’s. Irish.

Please send on your Headshot, CV, showreel to . Please put in the subject line, FAO Sarah Ref: First Destiny

Please bear with us as we process the applications. We will be in touch with everyone. We are very excited and look forward to meeting artists both known and unknown to us and reading and chatting with you over the next few months.

Merci et bon courage amis!

Sarah, Matt, Nicole and Ronan.

Nth Degree Productions – Innovative Art for the Heart.


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Casting Call for Male Performers (Paid)

28 male performers sought for a film titled ‘Vivarium’ which is currently filming in Ardmore Studios.
Must fit specific criteria:
  • Short dark hair
  • Slim build 
  • Confident with movement.
  • Age range from late 20s to 40 years of age
Filming will take place on the 9th, 15th & 16th of August, with the possibility of a rehearsal on a Saturday beforehand. All dates are in Ardmore Studios.
Register your interest by e-mail to Neil Guerin at 
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Casting Call for Junior Eurovision

Ireland’s biggest prize for talented kids is BACK!

Junior Eurovision for TG4 has launched its application process and the search is on for the singer who will represent Ireland at the Junior Eurovision in Minsk this year in front of millions across Europe. Your budding popstars could be following in our previous winners footsteps and flying the Irish flag abroad –

The competition is a once in a lifetime opportunity and is open to singers aged 9-14 on the 25th of November 2018 and applications are accepted from both solo acts and groups up to 6. Closing date for applications is 23th July 2018. Details on how to apply can be found on the TG4 website-

For more information call 01-284 3877


The Gaiety School of Acting is not associated with any castings on this blog unless otherwise stated.


Trans Male Actors (between 18-25y/o) sought for Short Film Panic Attack currently in pre-production.

Alex (18) is in the throes of his transition from female to male but when his best friend abandons a joint venture to assert their identity he’s forced to confront his anxieties before entering the unknown alone.

If you would like to be considered for a role or to provide script feedback please contact for more details.

The project’s progress can be followed on its official Facebook page: @panicattackshortfilm 


The Gaiety School of Acting is not associated with any castings on this blog, unless otherwise stated.


Forum Theatre Workshop 14th – 16th June 2018

As part of a Forum Theatre project, ‘Rehearsing Change,’ South Tipperary Arts Centre have invited Terry O’ Leary (Associate Artist with renowned London theatre company, Cardboard Citizens, and one of the most experience Forum Theatre facilitators in the world) to lead a 3-day workshop in the teachniques and practice of this unique, socially-engaged theatrical form.

The workshop will focuse on the technique and games used in Augusto Boal’s Theatre of the Oppressed and will work with Forum Theatre and Joker technique, but will also touch on Image Theatre and Rainbow of Desire techniques. The objective is to give participants an excellent toolkit to take back to the groups they work with and to have a clear understanding of what is needed to make a piece of Forum Theatre. The workshop will be suitable both for introducing people who are new to the work, as well as upskilling people who are already familiar with the techniques.

Theatre is an Associate Artist with Cardboard Citizens, the company founded by Boal’s close collaborator Adrian Jackson, an award-winning theatre company and one of the world’s leading practitioners of Forum Theatre.

More on Forum Theatre:


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Casting Notice

DCU’s Student Union is filming a series of short videos for use in their ‘Smart Consent’ campaign. Videos will be shown to incoming first year students and will be adapted for use in consent workshops. We will be filming from between the 28th – 31st of May 2018. Actors will be required for one day of filming per scenario, but may be required to work overtime. Filming will be carried out on the DCU Glasnevin and DCU St. Patrick’s College campuses, and in the immediate surrounding areas.

If you are interested the roles of CIARAN or SHAUNA, please contact our Director immediately at 0858417240 and with the following details…

*Your name, age, phone number/s and email

*Which scenario and role you are applying for

*Relevant CV with References and Showreel


See below for Scenarios.


SCENARIO 2: JOE & CIARAN (DATE: 30/05/18, 19:30 – 22:00, LOCATION: DCU Glasnevin Campus, PAY: €60)


It’s fresher’s week at DCU and JOE (19) is running the LGBTA society’s stall. CIARAN (18) comes to the stall to sign up as a member, this is his first time meeting Joe. Both attend the LGBTA events for the next few weeks. Ciaran meets Joe by coincidence at the gym one day. Joe invites Ciaran back to his apartment. They watch TV and hold hands before Joe initiates kissing and greater intimacy. Ciaran is uncomfortable however, and hints to Joe that he doesn’t want to continue. Joe pulls away from Ciaran. The pair continue to watch TV for another while before Ciaran decides to leave.


SCENARIO 4: TARA & SHAUNA (DATE: 31/05/18, 19:30 – 23:00, LOCATION: DCU St. Patrick’s Campus, PAY: €75)


TARA (22) and SHAUNA (22) met in college. They have since become close and are now ‘study buddies’. After a  study session in the library, Tara suggests that Shauna come to a party her friend is hosting that night on campus. Shauna accepts the invitation, but is nervous about the party. Later, ANTHONY (22), Tara’s friend, welcomes Shauna to the party. Tara and Shauna drink, chat, and kiss at the party, but Shauna is still uneasy. After some time, Tara leads Shauna to her bedroom, where they kiss and become intimate with one another. Shauna seems receptive, smiling, kissing her back and undressing her. Shauna becomes nervous however when Tara goes to undo her belt, pushing her hand away. Shauna explains that she’s never had sex with a girl before, and feels she isn’t ready yet. Tara insists that Shauna will enjoy it, and that she’s just over-thinking the situation. Shauna firmly tells Tara “No.”, but Tara persists. Two other party-goers overhear the commotion and decide to intervene. Tara is angry that the others have interrupted, but Shauna is relieved.



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Paid Acting Role

Role for paid acting job in Dublin 

Actor Wanted, Male or Female,

for School Show Tour (Dublin).

Rehearsals (2 Weeks):-  September 17 – 28

Tour (Dublin):-  October 1 – 26

Auditions will be held between May 29 – June 1

To arrange an Audition or for further information e-mail:


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MA Theatre Practice Thesis Play (UCD and The Gaiety School of Acting)

A funny, truthful and emotional piece of devised theatre that will explore the idea of mansplaining and how women are silenced by society.

The play will be showcased in the Boy’s School, Smock Alley Theatre on 8th June 2018.

AUDITIONS: Sunday 6th May @12.30pm in Gaiety School of Acting (Studio One)

Looking for women casting age 22-35.
This will be a group audition with improvisational exercises but please have a contemporary monologue prepared as well.

As this is a devised piece of theatre, it is essential that the cast be at every rehearsal.
The rehearsal process is from 7th May to 7th June (rehearsal days and times TBC with cast based on availability). Production week is 4th June to 8th June.

To register your interest and to book in for the audition or for any more information please email


The Gaiety School of Acting is not associated with any castings posted on this blog, unless otherwise stated.


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