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Casting Call for Junior Eurovision

Ireland’s biggest prize for talented kids is BACK!

Junior Eurovision for TG4 has launched its application process and the search is on for the singer who will represent Ireland at the Junior Eurovision in Minsk this year in front of millions across Europe. Your budding popstars could be following in our previous winners footsteps and flying the Irish flag abroad –

The competition is a once in a lifetime opportunity and is open to singers aged 9-14 on the 25th of November 2018 and applications are accepted from both solo acts and groups up to 6. Closing date for applications is 23th July 2018. Details on how to apply can be found on the TG4 website-

For more information call 01-284 3877


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Trans Male Actors (between 18-25y/o) sought for Short Film Panic Attack currently in pre-production.

Alex (18) is in the throes of his transition from female to male but when his best friend abandons a joint venture to assert their identity he’s forced to confront his anxieties before entering the unknown alone.

If you would like to be considered for a role or to provide script feedback please contact for more details.

The project’s progress can be followed on its official Facebook page: @panicattackshortfilm 


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Casting Notice

DCU’s Student Union is filming a series of short videos for use in their ‘Smart Consent’ campaign. Videos will be shown to incoming first year students and will be adapted for use in consent workshops. We will be filming from between the 28th – 31st of May 2018. Actors will be required for one day of filming per scenario, but may be required to work overtime. Filming will be carried out on the DCU Glasnevin and DCU St. Patrick’s College campuses, and in the immediate surrounding areas.

If you are interested the roles of CIARAN or SHAUNA, please contact our Director immediately at 0858417240 and with the following details…

*Your name, age, phone number/s and email

*Which scenario and role you are applying for

*Relevant CV with References and Showreel


See below for Scenarios.


SCENARIO 2: JOE & CIARAN (DATE: 30/05/18, 19:30 – 22:00, LOCATION: DCU Glasnevin Campus, PAY: €60)


It’s fresher’s week at DCU and JOE (19) is running the LGBTA society’s stall. CIARAN (18) comes to the stall to sign up as a member, this is his first time meeting Joe. Both attend the LGBTA events for the next few weeks. Ciaran meets Joe by coincidence at the gym one day. Joe invites Ciaran back to his apartment. They watch TV and hold hands before Joe initiates kissing and greater intimacy. Ciaran is uncomfortable however, and hints to Joe that he doesn’t want to continue. Joe pulls away from Ciaran. The pair continue to watch TV for another while before Ciaran decides to leave.


SCENARIO 4: TARA & SHAUNA (DATE: 31/05/18, 19:30 – 23:00, LOCATION: DCU St. Patrick’s Campus, PAY: €75)


TARA (22) and SHAUNA (22) met in college. They have since become close and are now ‘study buddies’. After a  study session in the library, Tara suggests that Shauna come to a party her friend is hosting that night on campus. Shauna accepts the invitation, but is nervous about the party. Later, ANTHONY (22), Tara’s friend, welcomes Shauna to the party. Tara and Shauna drink, chat, and kiss at the party, but Shauna is still uneasy. After some time, Tara leads Shauna to her bedroom, where they kiss and become intimate with one another. Shauna seems receptive, smiling, kissing her back and undressing her. Shauna becomes nervous however when Tara goes to undo her belt, pushing her hand away. Shauna explains that she’s never had sex with a girl before, and feels she isn’t ready yet. Tara insists that Shauna will enjoy it, and that she’s just over-thinking the situation. Shauna firmly tells Tara “No.”, but Tara persists. Two other party-goers overhear the commotion and decide to intervene. Tara is angry that the others have interrupted, but Shauna is relieved.



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Paid Acting Role

Role for paid acting job in Dublin 

Actor Wanted, Male or Female,

for School Show Tour (Dublin).

Rehearsals (2 Weeks):-  September 17 – 28

Tour (Dublin):-  October 1 – 26

Auditions will be held between May 29 – June 1

To arrange an Audition or for further information e-mail:


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MA Theatre Practice Thesis Play (UCD and The Gaiety School of Acting)

A funny, truthful and emotional piece of devised theatre that will explore the idea of mansplaining and how women are silenced by society.

The play will be showcased in the Boy’s School, Smock Alley Theatre on 8th June 2018.

AUDITIONS: Sunday 6th May @12.30pm in Gaiety School of Acting (Studio One)

Looking for women casting age 22-35.
This will be a group audition with improvisational exercises but please have a contemporary monologue prepared as well.

As this is a devised piece of theatre, it is essential that the cast be at every rehearsal.
The rehearsal process is from 7th May to 7th June (rehearsal days and times TBC with cast based on availability). Production week is 4th June to 8th June.

To register your interest and to book in for the audition or for any more information please email


The Gaiety School of Acting is not associated with any castings posted on this blog, unless otherwise stated.



MA in Theatre Practice Thesis Play (UCD & The Gaiety School of Ireland)

Working title- Chambers

An exciting, humorous and emotional piece of devised theatre which explores the theme of peer pressure on women with regards to motherhood and fertility. The piece will be showcased in what is essentially a mini festival in The Boys’ School, Smock Alley Theatre, 1662 during week beginning 4th June 2018.


These will be workshop based with some text given on the day so just bring your lovely self!


Wednesday, 2nd May 2018

5-7pm The Gaiety School of Acting


Thursday, 3rd May 2018

5.30- 7pm @UCD NT2 (The Newman Building)


1 Female- playing range 18-35 with dance experience

3 Females- open to all age ranges 18 +

1 Female- playing range 50- 65

The rehearsal period will be from 7th May- 7th June, with performances on 8th and 9th June. Rehearsals will most likely be midweek and Sundays but will be confirmed based on cast availability. As this is a devised piece of theatre, actors will need to be at each rehearsal.

Cast members MUST be available production week 4th– 9th June.

To register your interest and book in for auditions please email



The Gaiety School of acting is not associated with any castings on this blog, unless otherwise stated.

Auditions for MA in Theatre Practice Thesis Play

AUDITIONS for ‘The Spoils,’ an MA in Theatre Practice Thesis

‘The Spoils’ is a short play that uses two opposing viewpoints to tell the same story, and shows how our perception of the truth is affected by the person telling the story.


Thursday, May 3rd:
11:00am-1:00pm @ The Gaiety School of Acting (Studio 3)
7:00pm-9:00pm @ UCD (Room NT2)

Friday, May 4th:
11:00am-1:00pm @UCD (Room NT2)
5:00pm-7:00pm @ The Gaiety School of Acting (Studio 1)

(If none of these times work for you, exceptions and arrangements can be made!)

Please prepare a 1-minute contemporary dramatic monologue.

Cast size: 6


The official schedule with dates/times will be determined once the show is cast, but the rehearsal period is from May 7th-June 6th.

The shows are June 8th and 9th.

CAST MEMBERS *MUST* BE AVAILABLE JUNE 4TH-JUNE 9TH (though not all-day everyday will be used!)

Please contact to book an audition time/for more information.



The Gaiety School of Acting is not affiliated with any castings on this blog, unless otherwise stated.


Short play submissions wanted

Following on from the success of our show Cracked! we are now looking for new plays! The theme for our second show is FAKE!
From news and marketing, to science and politics. Our world is filled with lies, deception, disinformation, misinformation, fakery, fraud, facades, mirages and propaganda.
What’s On Tom? Productions now invites playwrights, both established and emerging, to submit original 15 minute plays, with a maximum cast of three, on the theme FAKE.
Scripts most suited for our new production will be chosen by our reading panel, and be performed at The Red Door Theatre in Thomastown, Kilkenny and Billy Byrnes, Kilkenny City in autumn of 2018 .
We ask that writers do not put their name on their scripts.
Please include a separate sheet with your contact details and the name of your play.
Send submissions by 29th of June 2018 by email only to:



The Gaiety School of Acting is not affiliated with any castings on this blog, unless otherwise stated.




Presenters Needed

About Last Night is looking for young
presenters aged 18-32 to host a brand
new t.v show that will cover Ireland’s
vibrant and energetic nightlife / music
About Last Night are looking for a
confident and ambitious presenter who
has a firm grasp of music across various
genres, most notably dance music.
Someone who can work in a busy
environment from a script and also have
the ability to work unscripted due to the
nature of the show.
The position will involve filming one
night per week in the top night-clubs and
venues in Dublin, interviewing artists
and DJ’s, and being able to work with a
crowd and facilitate good content.
No professional experience necessary
and open to everybody within the
stipulated ages.
We will be meeting people between
09.00 and 14.00 on 12/5/18 at Opium
Garden on Camden St


Contact for more information.


The Gaiety School of Acting is not affiliated with any castings posted here unless otherwise stated.

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