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Children needed for upcoming film

Motherhood is being directed by Maureen O Connell (director of award-winning short film Proclaim, Girls and Thespish) and written by Christiane O Mahony (Sisters of the Rising, Follow Me, Mario Rosenstock).

The film is a comedy about a woman who is uncertain about motherhood. She is celebrating her birthday in a hotel with friends and she seems to meet children in increasing numbers on the day that’s in it.

We are filming in the royal marine Hotel Dun Laoghaire and the shoot time for the children would be 12-2 pm on December 12th. We are seeking children aged up to 10 years.

While the film is low budget and therefore we cannot offer payment, everyone involved will be sent a final cut of the film when it is completed early in 2018.

If interested, contact Christiane at



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Casting for Scene and Heard festival

Please see the casting notice from the director below:

I am casting for a play that I wrote and will direct; it will be staged next February in Scene and Heard in Smock Alley. The dates as yet are to be confirmed, but more than likely the piece will be performed over 1/2 nights between the 13th and 20th Feb. The play will take place after 6 p.m.. All these details will be confirmed in the coming weeks. This is a profit-share production, but I have to warn, as part of the festival, we will share a slot with 1/2 other pieces, and split profits with them, so we might make nothing/very little at all unfortunately!

My play is called ‘LOCKED(in)’. It will be produced by Emma Hanley, under Loft Productions.

Small blurb: Imagine losing control over everything. You can’t move on your own. You cannot scratch an itch. And worse still, you cannot tell anyone that you have an itch. People ask you to tell them…tell them anything and everything…but eventually they stop listening.

LOCKED(in) will tell the story of Emily: a normal girl who one day has a stroke, and her life changes forever. She wakes up in hospital, unable to do anything, a -’vegetable’,some might say. Eventually she begins to communicate through an alphabet board. But for her friends and family, knowing Emily could potentially never get better, becomes too much. Two years battling the cruel illness of Locked In Syndrome, Emily decides she cannot go on…will someone help her end her life? Or must she struggle on, in a silent helpless world, with only her memories and photographs for company.


What do I need?

I am looking for four/five actors, with two of those doubling up as other characters.

I am looking for:

EMILY: Between 18-30.

EVAN: Emily’s boyfriend 18-30

JEAN/NURSE: Emily’s Mother/ Nurse Kathleen in hospital. Between 30-60. Might cast two people for this.

DOCTOR/VOLUNTEER: Between 25-50.


The piece will last only 20/25 minutes.

I am holding auditions this coming weekend on Saturday the 9th, from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.. A venue will be confirmed once I email the successful applicants, but it is looking like somewhere in the city centre. I will need everyone auditioning to perform a 1-2 contemporary monologue of their choice.

To apply, email me on

I will get back to everyone who applies by Friday!


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Volunteers needed for Audi Dublin International Film Festival

unnamed (3)

Applications to be a Festival Volunteer at Audi Dublin International Film Festival are now open!

The Audi Dublin International Film Festival is bringing the world’s best films to Dublin between 21st February – 4th March 2018, and to make sure it’s programme of over 130 films, special events and guest appearances runs picture perfect, the Festival needs a team of smart, enthusiastic volunteers who are ready to pull together and make the Festival a success.

Help will be needed in areas such as venues, hospitality, office administration, production, ticketing, promotions, marketing and communications so whether you are welcoming Festival-goers to a venue and making sure that they’re getting the most out of the festival or helping behind the scenes at ADIFF HQ it’s a great way to get first-hand insight into the inner workings of an international entertainment event.

The Festival takes its volunteers seriously and is proud of the diverse and committed group of people from Dublin and much further afield who generously give their time and who often return year after year. It’s also a chance for volunteers to build up experience, explore the city in a new way and to make new connections – both whilst on the job and of course relaxing after a film at the Festival Club.

Depending on individual availability, volunteers can either apply to be full-time (a minimum of one shift per day during the Festival) or part-time. Each volunteer needs to be able to commit to a minimum of 5 volunteering shifts.

Volunteer applications are now open! Go to for more information and to download an application and make sure to apply before 5pm on January 19th, 2018. You must be over 18 to apply. Questions, comments or queries can be sent to John McHale, Volunteer Coordinator

About Audi Dublin International Film Festival (21 Feb – 4 March 2018)

Founded in 2003, the Dublin International Film Festival sets the agenda of the year with its programme of outstanding Irish and International film. Offering unique access to plethora of filmmaking talent, the festival transforms Dublin into a hub of glamour, creativity and film appreciation.

Over the past fifteen years the festival has hosted over 550 major guests, including winners of the festival’s prestigious Volta Award such as Al Pacino, Julie Andrews, Danny DeVito, Daniel Day-Lewis, Joss Whedon Brendan Gleeson Angela Lansbury, Stanley Tucci, Stellan Skarsgård, Kristin Scott Thomas and Ennio Morricone.

The festival has screened world cinema from 52 different countries, a total of over 1,500 films, of which more than 300 were Irish features including Irish premieres of Sing Street, Once, Ondine, In Bruges, Calvary, Handsome Devils and The Secret of Kells. The festival’s young people’s programme Fantastic Flix is continuing this year, engaging schools and families and building a new generation of film fans.


Audi is Ireland’s leading premium car brand. Vorsprung durch Technik combines, progression, sportiness and sophistication, and is at the core of Audi’s car-building philosophy. Audi leads the way in technological and engineering excellence, pioneering new innovations, such as quattro®, for a truly unique driving experience.


The Dublin International Film Festival is sponsored by Audi, and funded by The Arts Council and The Irish Film Board.

Actors needed for college short film

Looking for two actors for a college short film called Swimming with
Fear, early 20’s to play two roles.

1) The role of the lead actor, the character is a lifeguard who is held responsible for the death of his friend.

2) Plays the part of the friend who holds him responsible.

If interested, please email a CV/Headshot by December 8th.



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Actors required for college promotional video

12 Actors, both male and female, needed for promotional videos on behalf of LA College of Creative Arts. Actors will need to speak on topics of fashion, makeup, special effects makeup to camera. Various ages are welcome to apply.

These roles are unpaid.

If interested, send a CV and headshot to by Dec. 3rd.


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Casting for IADT graduate film

not a monster

The film follows a young man as his psychosis rapidly deteriorates as the presence of a demonic growth on the back of his head threatens to ruin his brother’s engagement.

We’re casting the lead role of Ambrose: A quiet but determined young man who was born with a deformity of a second face on the base of his skull. He struggles to be understood and accepted by his family, particularly his mother and has never known true affection. He developed paranoid schizophrenia in his teenage years, and battles his inner demons to become what he perceives as ‘normal’ and the perfect son, and believes his brother’s engagement dinner is the perfect opportunity to do so.

We’re holding a casting session on Saturday the 25th of November at the National Film School.

Please email for an audition slot:

Kind Regards,
Conor Patrick Byrne


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Casting for Health/Fitness brand

We are looking to cast  6 to 8 people for a photo and video shoot for a health and fitness brand to be included in a digital campaign.  We require a range of physiques from the slimmer body type to more fuller yet healthy body type. Each person selected needs to be aspirational and appeal to a broad target audience. 

Actors of varies sizes, ages and hair required.

Please email for further info or apply



The Gaiety School of Acting is not affiliated with any of the jobs advertised here, unless otherwise indicated.


Casting for student film


Bellissima Productions is a student production company working on their third year industry standard short film. Based in Dundalk Institute of Technology, Bellissima Productions will be working with state of the art equipment and proper set Protocols.

Synopsis of this film: Set in 1950s Ireland, two girls form a unique bond with one of them using it as an escape from her home life.

Writer Tessa Coburn wrote the characters Nora and Delly with actresses in mind  who are 18 years old and comfortable with a same sex kiss.


Nora- Street smart, brash, lower class, un-polished, rural

Delly- Middle class, clean cut, smart, kind, helpful, optimistic

Even though the script sets these characters as 17 and 16, Bellissima Productions request that actors only apply if they are ages 18-20 or 18+ and have a young , fresh face.

Bellissma Productions plans to hold auditions in the coming weeks, Firstly casting Nora, with chemistry/ screen tests used to find Delly. Actors will gain experience from the project as well as material for their show reel. Expected funding is being raised these coming months and production is scheduled for early 2018.

Any applicants must email with their name, age, general location (county/town), headshot or show reel if possible. Applicants who are successful in applying will be given dates for auditions and a scene to prepare under the specified character.


The Gaiety School of Acting is not affiliated with any of the jobs advertised here, unless otherwise indicated.


Casting call for student films



* UNPAID*  – CASTING CALL – MALE AND FEMALE ACTORS – ALL AGES FOR STUDENT GRADUATE SHORT FILMS. 9 SHORT FILMS/VARIOUS GENRES.  Roles are unpaid but food and travel expenses will be covered. Text will be provided. Selected actors will recieve professional headshots and a copy of the film for their portfolio.


The Gaiety School of Acting is not affiliated with any of the jobs advertised here, unless otherwise indicated.


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