Griffith College BA Film Students are seeking to audition 2 men, both to look in their mid- to late 20’s

Film Synopsis: Two men, dressed as clowns, appear to be heading to a child’s party in an attempt to make money, but in a twist their business venture isn’t what it appears.

Character 1:  Lotso:  He is a man who is looking to provide for his young daughter and has resorted to robbery in a final attempt at proving he can provide for her. He is not confident in the plan but realises he needs to follow through with it. He makes attempt to make light of the situation he has found himself in.

Character 2:  Fizzbo: He is a seasoned criminal. Rough around the edges. Is leading and organising the heist. Rude, straight to the point, out for himself

Auditions will be held in Griffith College, South Circular Road (tbc)

When: 28th of February 2017 from 5pm.

*On the day of the audition please be familiar with the script and provide a headshot *

Filming Dates: Must be free from the 20th to the 25th of March for shooting and rehearsals. (dates to be confirmed)

For more information, a copy of the script or with any questions please email