Casting for a Short Film: ‘On Both Sides’ is a short film about the identity crisis which is usually suffered in late teens and now returns at the end of our 20’s. The film centres on a fear of missing out, uncertainty and instability.

Actors must be available for location shooting on 28th and 29th December and on 3rd January. These are unpaid roles but all necessary travel, food, beverages and refreshments will be provided as well as show-reel material.

Casting for two females:

Beverly is 29, she seems to have to all, good job, nice friends, a steady boyfriend on the cusp of proposing to her. Everything has fallen into place as per the list of life benchmarks but she is internally at a crossroads. She is torn between a mundane daily life with her boyfriend or an exciting single life with her new and intriguing friend Anna. She is quietly confident but has become anxious of late as she feels an overwhelming sense of change looming.
Anna is a 29 year old who lives life to the beat of her own drum but her external free spirited and liberal attitude is somewhat unmasked to display a slight desire to control others. She sometimes medals and deliberately persuades others to follow her way of thinking for the sake of personal satisfaction. She follows her own whims while frequently chopping and changing between her interests and investments.
Interested parties should email Janet at by 13th December with a recent headshot and acting CV.