The short is about a girl, Sarah, (around 19-22) who is in a mental
asylum/prison for killing her parents and best friend two years
before and her brother, Bryan, (two years older so around 21-24)
who comes in to visit her for the first time since she entered the
prison. It is essentially the conversation that they have about what
happened but Sarah is obsessed with her innocence and constantly
is claiming to be a good person, which she proves not to be as the
story progresses.

Sarah is manipulative, malevolent, malicious and doesn’t see any
wrong in what she has done, but is capable of fooling the audience
into pitying her. Bryan is calmer and less dramatic than his sister,
but has been affected greatly by what has happened and only goes
to visit Sarah because she won’t stop trying to contact him. He is
bitter and angry at her which only grows and becomes stronger as
throughout the story.

A CV and headshot is needed, as well as a short video
reading a few lines from the script which can be sent.



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