Research Project: Effects of emotion on eyewitness memory The UCD Attention & Memory Lab are seeking actors (male or female) for a number of short videos which will be used in a study of eyewitness memory at the School of Psychology. All filming will take place on campus at UCD and will involve a total time commitment of 2-3 hours. The project will take place in late September/early October. The objective of this study is to examine the factors that predict good and bad eyewitness memory. This type of study can make an important contribution to the understanding of eyewitness testimony, which plays a crucial role in justice systems around the world. One factor that we are investigating is the effect of emotional state on memory.

We are aiming to make short videos (approx. 5mins each) with a positive, negative or neutral emotional tone. Positive videos will feature a friend reunion, negative videos will involve a robbery, and neutral videos will involve a shop transaction.

For further information, or if interested please contact: Francesca Farina, PhD Email: Tel: 01 716 8337 Web: