Tom Rowley (Director) and Barrie Dowdall (Producer) are looking for two male actors – one aged 7 the other aged 15 for a short film called THESE BOOKS

The film is a surreal short comedy, and will be shot from June 4th to 7th in Dublin.

Lead roles are being played by Kevin McGahern (REPUBLIC OF TELLY, HARDY BUCKS, PORTRAIT OF A ZOMBIE) and Aoife Spratt (TRAMPOLINE, CAPTURED)

The film is being aimed at the short film circuit and represents an opportunity for up and coming acting actors to get themselves on screen.

Barrie Dowdall has a long track record with the Gaiety School of Acting and has worked with many young GSA film and TV actors over the years who are now well established both nationally and internationally.
Two male actors – one aged 7 the other aged 15
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