We’re looking to cast three actors (two female, one male) for our play YES which is being staged in the International Dublin Gay Theatre Festival in the Ireland Institute Theatre, Pearse Street from May 9th to 14th for seven performances. It is 70 minutes and will be on a profit share basis. Auditions will take place on Tuesday, March 22nd at 2.30pm. We will be rehearsing from March 24th up to the performance dates.

The parts are:
GINA, mid 40s, straight, working class, married with two grown up sons.
LAURA, mid 30s, lesbian, middle class, in a long term relationship.
JOSH, 20, gay, law student, middle class, from the country.

The marketing blurb for the play is:

The majority said one simple word; for a minority that word meant everything. YES captures the excitement, drama and humour of the marriage equality campaign through the stories of four very different characters. Is it too late for Peter? Can Gina now do something on her own? Will Laura’s girlfriend say yes? Can Josh come out to his family?

Home You Go Productions is a dynamic new theatre company. Our shows BLIND DATE and BEASTS were both audience and critical successes.

“It is a testament to Cullen’s writing, and four great performances…that Blind Date never descends into melodrama and hits a nail on the head that is rarely tackled. Canavan-Hayes has a line that will have you cringing in your seat, and she delivers it with such realism, you forget you’re watching a play…” Brian Finnegan, GCN/Outmost.com

“Cullen guides her cast with the same approachingly poignant touches with which she moulds her script” Joe Madsen, The Thin Air

“Just wanted to drop you a quick mail to say WELL DONE on your production. Slick, funny and professional. I really enjoyed it – Great performances!” (Caoimhe Connolly, Collaborations Producer 2015)

“…absolutely fantastic, amazing, brilliant, thoroughly enjoyed it “(Orla, Frasers Models and Actors)

If interested email your CV and headshots to info@homeyougoproductions.com