**These roles have now been filled**

We are making a short film, a mysterious drama, as part of the competition March on Film (www.marchonfilm.com). The first draft of our screenplay is complete, we have an experienced crew on board and we are looking to cast the main roles now:

1) Robyn, a girl of approx. 10-14 years of age, who is fighting a dark force inside her.

2) Theresa (50-70), her grandmother, who goes behind the mother’s back in her efforts to train and prepare the girl for the confrontation that lies ahead of her.

The film will rely on the actresses’ skills, as well as cinematography, music etc. to create a tense, scary atmosphere, as opposed to showing blood, gore or anything along those lines. Therefore we would prefer to find someone with some prior experience, although you will not be ruled out if you haven’t got any.

Since we are unable to employ the services of a chaperone, the young actress will have to be accompanied by a legal guardian or his/her representative. We are planning to shoot all her scenes in one day, in Dublin. The finished film will be max. 6 minutes long and comply with 12A age rating, and it will be screened along with the other submissions to the festival.

We are planning to hold auditions this weekend, 12/13 March, but will try to accommodate actresses not available on those dates. Shooting will take place next week (one or two days maximum, some time between 17-19 March), so that our editing/post-production team can get the film ready in time for the competition deadline at the end of March.

Contact kreisierk@gmail.com with a CV and photo.