My name is Christoph and I have recently signed up for the ‘Master In Media’ course running at the Gaiety school of acting.

It’s running for 10 weeks on a Monday night from 7-9 which is perfect as I get to leg it home from work and conveniently pop across the road to the course as I live adjacent.
Tonight’s the first night so everyone is feeling very vulnerable and nervous from our body language but Alan our tutor gets us warmed up with introductions and then straight into some short 20 second presentations to camera about subjects of our choice. Sounds easy enough right?

Well there were a few people who took to it like ducks to water and rest of us simply drowned!!
Our red faces and shuffling feet were not gonna distract us from the thoughts racing through our heads.  ‘I look like a plonker and everyone thinks I’m a plonker’.
Alan constantly coaxed us to relax and stop thinking. Stand up straight and stay focused. “You can do this”, he shouts.

After a few takes and then watching yourself back on TV it’s clear we’re actually not that bad and some of us are really good!

It’s amazing when asked what you do for a living any other day of the week you can pull together a few coherent sentences that give your interviewer or Wednesday night Tinder date the gist of what it is helps to pay the bills, but doing it in front of a cold black slab of technology ‘the camera’ is like watching a lorry hurtle at full speed toward a rabbit pasted to the ground with fear. You just can’t look and to be honest most of us didn’t while the other was doing their bit with Alan.

But boy did we laugh and really relax as the class went on.

Alan was giving us so much feedback and helping us correct ourselves and making us laugh a lot and so it did get easier, so we all really enjoyed it.

I’m feeling more confident and maybe more prepared for next week. I’d definitely be a confident guy and wouldn’t shy away from the public as I work with them everyday but when all focus is on every word that dribbles from your mouth it’s really difficult to even hear what your saying.

Here’s to next week!!
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