Breathe Selfies

Promoting Positive Mental Health…One Breath at a Time.

We’ve launched a new social media campaign to create more awareness about our Breathe programme. The programme is an early prevention programme to combat the ever increasing suicide trend amongst our youth. It is a creative project to develop and create awareness on positive mental health through communication, focusing on changing attitudes and improving links between teachers, parents/guardian and students. The programme is delivered in post primary schools and has been to over 160 schools nationwide to date.

The campaign is called the #breatheselfie. People are taking a selfie with either our Breathe postcard or wristband and sharing it on social media. Students are who we are targeting and are the biggest users of social media hence the selfie campaign. By sharing your selfie using the hashtag more people become aware of the programme and the importance of addressing mental health in Ireland.

Our supporters to date include; Graham Norton, Aidan Turner, Nikki Hayes, Norah Casey, Jane McGrath, Lorna Quinn, Sheana Keane and more. To get involved it is as simple as 1,2,3:

1. Grab a postcard or wristband

2. Take a selfie

3. Share it on social media and tag us

We are on Facebook and Twitter. Contact us on social media or email to get a postcard or wristband.

Don’t forget the hashtag #breatheselfie