Following on from a very successful year in 2014, Born to Burn Productions will shortly be holding auditions for our upcoming production ‘Bittersweet’ – six new short plays by six new Irish writers.

‘Bittersweet’ will be in the Teachers Club from 14th – 20th June inclusive.

All actors interested in attending the audition are requested to send a headshot, a brief CV and, if available, a show reel to

The auditions will be held on Sunday 26th April in a Dubin City Centre venue (to be confirmed).
Actors selected to audition will be contacted promptly, and a time allocated to each person, for the day of audition.

No special preparation, such as learning lines, will be required for this audition.  The production company behind this play, Born to Burn Productions are a non-profit association. For further information please visit our website at

The Actors will receive 45% of box office after expenses.


Casting Requirements:

Dans La Film
A new short play by Irene Christie
Actor A:
Francis – Male identified androgynous distinctive looking person aged late 20’s – 30’s. Tall and slim build. Meticulous in appearance. Reserved.

Actor B:
Florence – Middle aged or late 30’s. Slightly eccentric and a little bohemian in style. Presents as flustered and disorganised. Flurry of hair. Friendly and excitable. Carefree. Will be required to appear to speak fluent french (just a sentence or two)

The Arrow
A new short play by Sarah Meehan O’Callaghan
Cast Specifications: two actors, playing two roles each.
actor A:
Psyche: a feminine young woman with a classical profile, [the same actor will also play the following]:
Venus: a woman in her early forties, attempting to be elegant but failing, who is a reader of ’50 shades of grey’ ability to speak a Dublin accent an advantage, though not essential
actor B:
Cupid: a young woman pretending to be a man, [the same actor will also play the following]
Portia: a woman in her early forties, attempting to be elegant but failing, who is a reader of Jane Austen, ability to speak a Dublin accent an advantage, though not essential
A new short play by Liz Lynch
Actor A:
Joan – approx. 45. A country woman possibly from Mayo but could be any county. Not very tall and maybe slightly overweight. She is a bit nervous and shy.
Actor B:
Elaine – is taller, possibly thinner. English accent and quite sophisticated. Approx. 40

Particular to You
A new short play by Kate Doyle

Actor A: Male aged 30 – 50
Actor B: Female 45 +
Actor C: Female, androgenous in appearance
Actor D: Female, non-glamorous in appearance

After the Revolution
A new short play by Josephine Costello

Actor A: Joanne – woman in her early 30’s. Mature student living at home between terms. Is just starting to have a healthy relationship with Jane (her father) after coming to terms with the transgender issue.
Actor B: Laura – woman in her late 20’s. Single mum with two children. Has her own home. Has not spent much time with her father and is experiencing discomfort with the transgender issue.


Remember, the next Casting and Audition Workshop in the Gaiety School of Acting takes place on the 24th of May.  For more information see