Eitc logoThe Emerald Isle Theatre Company (EITC) is an innovative Theatre-In-Education company that tours throughout France and Belgium. It promotes learning the English language in secondary schools by taking students out of the classroom and onto the stage.

We are now beginning our search for young, motivated and enthusiastic actors and actresses to take part in the 2015-2016 tour.
We believe that as a theatre school, you are in a good position from which to give this information to your students, who would be ideal candidates for a position on tour. It should be noted that while the nature of the auditions and touring are enjoyable, it is also a serious undertaking for any young actor or actress. It is a fulltime commitment and we would advise anyone auditioning for EITC to contact any of our former company members to answer any questions.

The experiences and feedback of our actors on tour has always been extremely positive. They are more than happy to answer any questions about working for the Emerald Isle Theatre Company. Please do not hesitate to contact them or to give their details to anyone interested in learning more about our company.

Our plays have been written to be enjoyed, the emphasis being on fun and on ‘learning through participation ‘. We also include small parts for a few students and a lot of general audience participation in order to ensure students gain confidence in their ability to communicate with native English-speaking people. Each play has been written in carefully structured language, vetted by practising English teachers. For our 2015-2016 tour, we will also provide workshops for pupils.

We ask the actors to speak slowly and clearly. The abundance of visual action and repetition allows students of all abilities to understand.

Take a look at our website www.eitc.fr. We are also on Facebook (eitc).

The rehearsals  will take place in Dublin for two weeks (from 29/09 to 10/10) and then in Brussels for four weeks (from 13/10 to 07/11).
The tour will start Monday 10th November 2014 and will finish late May 2015.


Rehearsals in Dublin (28/09 to 09/10): unpaid
Rehearsals in Brussels (12/10 to 06/11): paid 500€ (+8.5% to cover taxes) + accommodation and transport provided
Tour: paid 500€ (+8.5% to cover taxes) per month + 15€ per show (average of 10 shows a week) + accommodation and transport provided
The company will pay for the flight ticket from Dublin to the rehearsals venue in Belgium, and your return journey from Belgium to Ireland/UK.

Casting process:

Interview in London: 24th and 25th of July
Interview in Dublin: 27th and 28th of July
Audition in Dublin: 25th/26th/27th of August (one day only between those 3 dates)


Please contact us for further information. Interested candidates must contact us by email casting@eitc.fr and enclose their cv, cover letter and headshot.


The Gaiety School of Acting also offers a wide range of courses and workshops for post-primary students.  Read more on our website!