We are a charity based in Dublin City Centre, and in partnership with NASC (an immigration support charity in Cork), we need to cast a speaking role for a short video that we are creating for training purposes. This is a paid position for one-day of work in Dublin City Centre. Audition will be scheduled ASAP.

If interested please contact us immediately.

SYNOPSIS: We are developing an intercultural awareness training short film. As part of the training, we are developing two education short videos.


Female, Late 20s to 30s, African

We would like to identify an actor to play the role of a black woman who has migrated from Africa to Ireland. She needs to be of child-bearing age (from late 20s to 30s). The character has a very negative experience with staff in a hospital, followed by a portrayal of the similiar experience but the outcome is positive for the character.


It will entail a full day’s work making two vignettes, and we have a budget of €100 for this role. We will film sometime between the 21st and 28th of May, to be decided. Please contact Philip Isard (Producer / Project Specialist) by email Philip@qualitymatters.ie or telephone 01 872 0030.