BA Media Studies students in association with Kairos Communications.

Roles: Speaking roles & extras needed

Ages: Teens and Adults

Fees: Food & travel expenses paid.

Location: Maynooth.


We are a group of Maynooth Media Studies students. As part of our final year assessment we are required to write, film, edit and produce a short film. We need to cast every role for this film, speaking and extras, and are appealing for actors to get in touch. This is an unpaid role, however travel expenses and food will be covered. We are aiming for a high production value for this film and once finished, we hope to enter it into festivals. Auditions will take place on Monday the 30th of March, 11am ­ 1pm in Meeting Room 2​upstairs in the Students Union and Wednesday April 1st in Dublin City Centre ​(location TBC). Deadline for submissions: Tuesday 31st March 2015.

​If interested please email us at to confirm an audition time. Alternative auditions may be arranged.

Previous acting experience of some kind (stage or screen) is preferred. Bring along your own monologue and we will also run some lines from the script. See below for details of each role.

Filming will take place over two days during Easter week (April 5­11). We look forward to hearing from you!


The film is based around the protagonist Shane, a 17/18 year old Irish schoolboy. It follows him as his day unfolds and he transforms from his typical popular boy persona to his true self. Shane’s dad is worried about him but refrains from confronting him until a turn of events forces him to do so. This is a coming­of­age story combining comedy and drama. We hope it will leave the audience both touched and uplifted.

Character Descriptions:

Shane (lead role):

Age: appearance of early 17/18 years old.

He is quite reserved/quiet and self conscious. He is well­liked at school.

His exterior suggests popular and macho, yet he seems uncomfortable

with his appearance. This role is not dialogue­heavy so will focus on

actor’s physical portrayal of emotion.


Shane’s younger sister. Approx. 15 years old. She is noticeably more

outspoken than Shane in the home.


Approx. 40 years old. Somewhat traditional/stereotypically Irish in that he

doesn’t speak much. He is very middle class, with a well paid 9­5 job in

an office or similar setting. He is concerned for Shane. Second leading



Approx 17 years old. Quirky, confident. Good friend to Shane.


Approx. 17/18 years old. Over­confident, rude. Has a big ego and a

man­about­town kind of image.

Extras needed:


­Sport teammates

­Work colleague (mature)

​If interested please email us at to confirm an audition time. Alternative auditions may be arranged.


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