Well, this was our final week of Page to Stage where we had to perform the final scenes that we had been working on throughout the course. It was our chance to show what we had achieved and how much we had learned to some of our friends that were invited to watch the showcase. It went brilliantly, we loved every minute and the entire show was seamless.

Before it started we had about an hour to practice our lines with our scene partners, just to get as comfortable as possible with the scene. Some nerves did creep in, as the anticipation started to build ahead of performing in front an audience. For most of the class, myself included, it was the first time any of us had done it so it proved a little daunting.

I could definitely feel the nerves and started to get my lines a little muffled, but that’s what the practice is for – to get those mistakes out of your system. Just before we faced the audience, our tutor gave us a great pep talk. It helped settle the nerves and made sure everyone enjoyed themselves as much as possible.

She told us to enjoy it, and once we saw it in that light, it made things much easier. That’s why we were there in the first place, because we really enjoyed doing it. Afterwards we had a great warm up and were ready to take the stage.

After every scene there was a round of applause and you got a real sense that those watching had enjoyed every performance. My scene partners and I were delighted how ours went, we couldn’t have been happier and the applause at the end felt really rewarding.

In doing this course I had such a great experience. It’s taught me how to build a character, starting by reading a script and then by using the tools I have been taught. I also learned how to develop that character to become a part of a story, by deciding how it will interact with other characters. It was interesting how much a character could change as you worked on them, from the first time you portrayed them to growing them into a complete person. It really was awesome.

What I wanted from this course was to improve my skills and get a feel of what it would be like to work on a stage production. That’s definitely what I got from it. I did Introduction to Drama before this course and it was a taste of everything, which was great for a beginner. But Page to Stage went into more detail on things like scene structure and explored different ways of doing building characters to find out what works best to tell the story.

Through the 10-week course we had something new to work on each week aimed at improving our acting or understanding a scene better, whether it was a new exercise or some advice from our tutor. The showcase at the end definitely gave us an experience of what it feels like to be on stage with audience.

I would recommend this class to anyone who has an interest in stage acting. I had a fantastic time on the course, and I have no doubt that it will spur me on to continue to have fun with drama!!!!!


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