In this week’s class we had to do the dress rehearsal for the scenes that we had been working on. At the start of the class we spent sometime practising our lines with our scene partners to help to get into character.
The dress rehearsal was very good, if felt really professional. To start we walked on stage and prepared it with the props we needed for our scene. Then we performed the scene and at the end we took two bows. Afterwards we removed our props to leave the stage ready for the next group.
During the scene we had someone else from the class helping us if we forgot a line. They would read the scene as it was being performed, and if a performer’s mind went blank, they would be fed the line instantly so the flow of the scene wasn’t interrupted. When every scene ended it got a big applause from the rest of the class.
Another thing about the class is the great support you get from your other classmates, everyone is so keen to learn and to help each other along the way. It creates a great atmosphere and when you get that round of applause it’s really a great feeling. I know it’s only a dress rehearsal but there’s still some nerves and you don’t know how you are coming across to the audience, but when you hear those claps begin, it puts you at ease.
My scene was up first so I felt lucky enough as I got to relax and watch the rest of the class as they did theirs. They were all great. While the scenes were being played out, our tutor took notes on each and at the end she gave us some more info on where she thought we could improve to make the scene work better. Overall though, she was very happy with what we had all achieved.
Next week is our final one, where the class can invite two of their friends to come and see the scenes that we have been working on for the past few weeks.
There will be nerves, but I’m confident that what I’ve learned on the course has prepared me for what we need to do. Here’s to the whole show going off without a hitch!!!!
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