We are on our eighth week now and the time has just flown by.

Last week we had to present our scene to our tutor and we were also asked to bring in some clothes from home that we felt our character would be wear. We then used the clothing in rehearsals to get as comfortable as possible wearing them. It’s another thing which helps you start to see yourself as your character, and feel part of them.

When performing in front of our tutor, it was just us and our scene partners present. When the scene was finished the tutor gave us some tips to improve our scene and also told us which parts of our performances were weakest so we can put more work into them.

We were also told to mix things up a little when we performed our character and to expand our range. Even if we don’t end up performing like that in the final scene, doing things differently allows us to develop our characters and find out new ways of interpreting them. This helped me a lot and gave me more to think about with my character.

In the beginning I kind of stuck with my first impression of how my role should be played, and I’m not sure it was working. But our tutor has told us to try different things and after taking on that advice, it feels like the best way to build your character.

The only way you will know for sure if something, a way of saying a line or a movement, suits your character is to act it out.

Then you’ll know if it feels completely wrong or actually spot on. It’s part of the process, and helps get the best out of you too. For the remainder of the class we worked on our scenes and rehearsed as much as possible. We also tried to use the feedback we got from the tutor to get the scenes right, and more polished. The class also did a few more breathing exercises and some more character visualising.

These really help you get ready to do your scene and I’ve found it also feels like a form of meditation, great for clearing your head. After doing these exercises I feel more focused and a lot more relaxed about what I’m doing.

I had fun working with my scene partners this week and everyone has really got to a good level with their acting. Seeing how well everyone else is doing also gives you a drive to put as much effort in to as possible.

There’s more work to do but it doesn’t feel like work when you’re having fun doing it!!


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