This week’s class started off with a rhythm game. We all had to clap our hands to a four-beat rhythm, then hit our hips with our hands, then our knees and then stop completely while continuing to count out the same rhythm. Then we started the cycle over again. We did this for about three cycles so everyone got the rhythm down.

The class was then split up into a few groups of four. The tutor signalled one group to start the cycle of claps, hips, knees and stop and then signalled the other groups to start the cycle one beat later. After two cycles we were told to leave the group and walk around the class while maintaining the rhythm, and then return to our groups after about thirty seconds to see if we all were still in the same rhythm.

It was simple enough but when we started to walk around the room it was difficult to keep doing the actions in time. It’s really about concentrating and trying to block out everything that’s going on around you while you move around the room.

We then moved on to another game called “G’day Bruce”. This involved us standing in a circle, while one person approached someone else in the circle. They then reached out their hand to shake and say “G’day Bruce”. The other person would then respond “G’day Bruce,” and then the first person lead the other by the hand and introduced them to someone else in the circle by saying “this is Bruce, Bruce”.

This cycle continued around different members of the class, but if you didn’t do it in the exact way described your name would change from Bruce to Sheila. If you made a another mistake it would change to Bonza. This game was a lot of fun. After a few minutes of playing it the names started to change and people were starting to second guess themselves.

We were then assigned the scripts that we will have to work on throughout the rest of the course, to be performed at the end.  We were given a little time to read through them to try and decide how we wanted to play our character, before doing a reading for the rest of the class.

Our tutor told us that this is how a lot of auditions happen. It’s a way of judging your instincts for a role when reading a character from just the script alone. After we read our scene for the tutor and the class we were asked to give our opinions on who the characters were, what their objective was and what their relationships were. We’ll be doing more work on this as the weeks progress.

This was another fantastic class, every week is always filled with so much information and everyone is really enjoying it!


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