‘Week two of Page to Stage started off with a memory game.

We all had to stand in a circle and then each of us took turns to say our name while performing an action.

After each of us took our turn the rest of the class would then mirror the action and say the name.

We then did this again but a little bit differently. We had to add a descriptive word that started with the same letter as our name, for example Amazing Anna, Action Alan or Joyful Jody.

But instead of all of us responding at the same time, we took turns to perform all the actions while also saying the names of all the people that went before us.

We also had to add our individual names to the list, which then had to be remembered by the people who went after.

At the start it went well but as the list got bigger people started to struggle.

If anyone got stuck the class would help them out to get it going again.

Our tutor explained that doing this exercise gave us an idea of what learning lines is like. It also helped us associate dialogue with actions, so that when you’re performing you can use certain actions to trigger your memory for your next line, which was proven by this game.

After this we picked up where we left off last week on C.R.O.W. – which stands for Character, Relationship, Objective and Where.

We kept the same lines we were given last week and with our actions we had to try and make it clear for the rest of the class where the scene was taking place.

For instance, if the scene was set in a nightclub the actor could be dancing or if it was in a bar, one person could mime pulling a pint.

The rest of the class would then try to guess where it was taking place.

After deciding on a setting, we then had to add the rest of C.R.O.W. elements to the scene.

If the rest of the class couldn’t guess what we were trying to get across the tutor gave some direction to help us.

It’s amazing how doing something a little bit differently can have a large effect on how people perceive a scene.

Then we were given a place and a theme but we had to add the character, relationship and objective ourselves.

The place and theme could be high school and love, office and conflict or gym and revenge.

We also had to add more lines to the previous four that we were given, maybe five to ten more, to fill the story out a bit.

After performing the scene the tutor and rest of the class gave feedback on what they thought of it.

I enjoyed this class very much. I really liked getting to see the rest of the students act out their scenes.

It was fun, but also watching other people perform helped me with my own scene and gave me some new ideas on how to do things. I can’t wait for the next lesson’.


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