Last Term, We joined Paddy on his journey through ‘Intro to Drama’. This semester we are delighted to follow his experiences of the follow on course ‘Page to  Stage’. Paddy will provide us with a weekly account of what goes in a class and we will share it here on our blog! Below is his synopsis of Week 1 : Page to Stage.

This is a blog that will hopefully give people a little insight into the Gaiety School of Acting’s Page to Stage acting class.  My name is Paddy Ferry and I have recently just finished the Introduction to Drama course, which is great for anyone who is curious about drama, or wants see what it’s about. It also allows you to have lots of fun along the way.

Every week for the next ten weeks I’ll be giving a review of what goes in each class. This week started off with some fun, loosen-up games to get everybody relaxed and help the class get to know each other.

Then the tutor asked for a volunteer to go outside the classroom. The tutor took them out and then returned and asked for the rest of the class to listen while our classmate knocked on the door. She repeated the knock three times and then returned to the class.  The class then was asked from listening to the knock to figure out what the person on the other side of the door wanted. The knock sounded like the person was in a hurry or impatient. It was a quick sounding knock.   We did it again with a different volunteer and this time the knock sounded like someone of authority. It was loud and heavy sounding. Our tutor explained that doing this gave us the perspective of the audience watching a play or a scene. It also showed us that, depending on the sound of the knock, we could interpret what the person might want even before they enter.

We took this insight with us into our next exercise. The class was then split into pairs and we were given four lines that started with knocking on a door then “you”, “yes”, “what are you doing here?” and “I’m here to see you”. We were then asked to say these lines in a few different emotions: happy, sad, angry and afraid. We were given a few minutes to work on each emotion and then afterwards each pair would perform one of the emotions for the rest of the class.

The tutor then moved on to C.R.O.W which stands for Character, Relationship, Objective and Where. With character we had to each pick a stereotypical Character. For example, a stroppy teenager, a psychopath or a grumpy grandfather, and portray that character the best we could while saying our lines. The rest of the class would then try and guess who we were. If the class could not guess the tutor would give us a bit of direction to help capture the character that little bit more. We did the same exercises for Relationship and Objective. We didn’t have time to get to do Where but I’m sure it will carry on next week.

I had a lot of fun in this class, there was a really nice atmosphere throughout and I’m extremely excited for the next. Week one of Page to Stage gets a big thumbs up from me so roll on next week.


Inspired by Paddy’s experience so far? Page to Stage is a follow on course which you can subscribe to on completion of Introduction to Drama  so why not sign up to one of an Introduction to Drama at The Gaiety School of Acting – The National Theatre School of Ireland today! We run ‘Intro’ classes 4 nights a week on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursday and Fridays.  Pick the day that suits you best and sign up here! We advise people to book early to secure their preferred day. Other Adult Short Courses running in Term 3 from April include Acting for Camera, Stand Up Comedy, Long Form Improv, TV Presentation and Radio Presentation and many more follow on courses….