Production title: “Damien”

Production Type: Student Film

Project length: Short Film (3-5 minutes)

Project format: Super 16

Production location: Dublin

Production Company: BCFE – Ballyfermot College of Further Education

Director: Amy O’Sullivan – Amy is currently a Cinematography student in BCFE and she also graduated this year with a BSc (Hons) degree in Film Studies. She has a particular interest in the French New Extremism but also the French New Wave, which she feels are inspirations of hers.

Audition Location: Dublin – City Centre or Ballyfermot College

Shooting Location: Dublin – TBC

If you are interested or looking for more information on the production, or the director please email a copy of your CV & Headshots & Showreel to:

Closing date for applicants: January 7th 2015.

*NB// As this is a student film unfortunately we will not be able to pay the actors. However, food and transport will be provided/costs will be covered and a copy of the film will be provided to each of the actors.


Auditions: TBC

Shooting: February 2015 – Date TBC


Damien is a taxi driver who has suppressed his desire to dress up as a woman since his first experiences of dressing up in his older sister’s clothes at the age of seven. He is married with two children and struggles to comes to terms with the fact and is terrified that the people he loves will not accept him for who he is upon discovering his secret. The story begins with a loving father seeing his children off to school. After they leave it becomes clear that his marriage is at breaking point. Mary, his wife, leaves for work and he begins to dress himself as a woman. After initially feeling a sense of relief, Damien then becomes distressed and frustrated. He gathers up the clothes and runs out of the house towards the nearby woodland.

Character outlines:


Damien is confused as to why he has a desire to dress up in women’s clothes because he is a happily married man. The story is about his inner struggle to suppress this desire that he feels he has to hide or get rid of because of the pressure he feels from society to comply with certain norms or categorizations.


Mary is Damien’s wife. She is aware that there is something going on in Damien’s life but is not aware of what it is that is bothering him so much. He has distanced himself from her because of the secret he is hiding.