In this week’s class we had to work on our monologue that we’ve chosen for our final week’s performance. Our tutor gave us a great little exercise to help us get into character before we act out a part. She told us to imagine opening a door into your character’s home and when you would walk through the door you become that character.

While you were inside this place, walk around and pick up an object that you feel is important to your character and study it. Through doing this you can look through your character’s eyes and see more into the life of the person that you want to become.

I loved the exercise, it seems a fantastic way to help you build a character and get more insight into how you want to play them. The course has been full of these little tools to help you get more progressive with your acting and strengthen your confidence in all aspects of your life.

After that we were split into three groups and one of the groups stayed with the tutor to perform their piece individually. I really liked this, as I felt more at ease performing my monologue for the first time in front a smaller group of people rather than the entire class. The tutor then gave us feedback on each performance to help us improve and prepare for the final week.

While this was happening with the tutor, the other two groups were working on their own parts and the members of their group would be giving their own thoughts and advice to help each other.

I was in the second group to perform for the tutor. I felt really nervous about doing it but I was also excited about showing the work I had put into it. After I finished I got such a buzz from the performance. It was the first time I’d ever felt something like that. The tutor gave me my feedback and I was more than happy to take it on as I only want to improve the piece as much as possible.

I can’t wait for the final week to do this for the entire class. I have even taken what the tutor told me and tried it for a few of my mates, and they loved it. That’s all for now, I have a bit more work to do for my final week and I’ll be back to tell you how it went……. Here’s hoping I break a leg!!!


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