This week we started work on our scripts for a monologue that we have to perform on our final week’s class. Our tutor started by working on our characters from our final script. We’ve all been given a few different options to choose from, and they each have their own appeal.

To help us make our decision our tutor described the characters, there was a lot of variety when it came to each part. After she explained each role, the class was given time to look over whichever piece interested us most and to narrow down which ones we would like to perform.

The scripts on offer were mostly from well known or iconic pieces of drama.  For example,  among the pieces I looked at were ‘Whose Afraid of Virginia Woolf?’ and ‘Seven’.

We then had a read through of all the monologues that were provided so the class could get a bit more perspective on how it would feel to say the dialogue aloud.

This really helped in making our decision. The tutor was also really helpful when there were any queries from the class. We were advised not to do much research on famous past performances on the parts given. This is because it would be better for us to put as much of ourselves into it as we could instead of being influenced by someone else’s interpretation.

This is what it’s been building up to, performing a monologue by ourselves, but from everything I learned over the past few weeks I feel more than ready for it!!!!

There’s only two more weeks to go and they really have been flying in. I’m really excited about getting my final piece so I can get working on it straight away…..


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