Seeking actors for a semi-staged reading of new play In Rooms Such as These by Dianne Nora. All characters are American; actors comfortable with an American accent are encouraged to apply, though the accent is not a requirement. Casting is open to all actors of all ethnicities. Actors of color are encouraged to apply. The reading will take place on the afternoon of Thursday, December 4th at FringeLab.

There will be a rehearsal the morning of the reading. This position is unpaid, but lunch will be provided.

Auditions will be held by appointment on Friday 28th November. Interested parties should please email headshot and resume to Please write in the subject line the role(s) for which you are submitting. Any questions can be directed there as well.

Note: In Rooms Such as These contains strong language and depicts sexual content, drug and alcohol use, and violence.

In Rooms Such as These a comedy by Dianne Nora


Maggie – mid 20s, female

Neurotic, a bit selfish, and over-educated, but endearing. She deflects tension with humor. Maggie is flirtatious but insecure. She’s probably never really gotten over anyone. She is committed to the romantic notion of living in New York.

Rosie – mid 20s, female

Caring and practical, with a strong maternal instinct that sometimes comes across as overbearing. Rosie handles heartbreak with the same meticulous attention she would approach any problem. Hometown: Tempe, AZ.

Tim – mid 20s, male

Genuine and warm, if a bit aloof. Tim is used to being the smartest guy in the room, and prides himself in his taste in music, books, and movies. When he likes something, or someone, he is bowled over. An untrained eye might mistake Tim for a hipster. Hometown: Washington, DC.

Nick – late 20s, male

Charming, attractive, and keenly aware of it. He doesn’t open up to many people, but people instantly like him. Prone to spells of moodiness and introversion, but careful to project an image of confidence and nonchalance. Hometown: Seattle, WA.

Hesper – early 20s, female

Creative, spiritual, and always sincere. Hesper was raised on Deepak Chopra and folk rock. She feels a deep communion with the universe and nature. She has enough confidence to let the cynicism of New Yorkers roll off her shoulders. Hometown: Austin, TX.

Rhea – mid 20s, female

Clever, tough, and with a thick skin. She doesn’t like many people, but she’s very loyal to her close friends. Hometown: Riverside, IL

John – 30+, male

Successful and entitled. Exudes an aura of calm control, but prone to violent outbursts. Hometown: Queens, NY.