Radio Presentation Course-Class

‘We are now halfway through out Radio Production Course and it has been very good so far! I find the mixture of the online content and the practical workshops in the studio to work very well as you can dip in and out of the online aspect and review it before the practical and have any questions ready rather than having to remember it from the previous week.

Also both Colm O’Sullivan and Jonathan Healy give good insights into what is involved in putting together a show or a news bulletin and all the different elements that go into making great radio.

Despite the fact that one or two of the group have some broadcast experience everyone was a bit nervous at the first workshop that took place in the Tinpot studios. Daryl was a great help in relaxing everybody and we all had plenty of time in front of the microphone to get more used to it and even in a short time we had all improved. As it is quite a small group there is not much sitting around waiting for your turn. It also helped that the group is very supportive too and were happy to comment on each others attempts!

The second practical workshop was a bit more challenging as it involved speaking from bullet points and not directly from a script. Most of us struggled with our first attempts but wit one or two very useful tips from Daryl like try to imagine you are talking to a mate made a big difference.

We have just done the editing workshop and whilst editing is something that needs to be done repeatedly, we got a good idea on what can be achieved with the excellent software that is available online. We even got a free course thrown in on using Pro Tools!

Next up we will be preparing for our “live” show in December and meeting Ruth Scott from 2FM and we get to hearabout her experiences and take on the whole radio experience so I am really looking forward to that! so far, so good…..

David Bell, Student on our ‘Radio Presentation 10 week course’, November 2014.  

David has currently completed 5 weeks of our brand new 10 week Radio Presentation course in association with TinPot Productions. The course is delivered in an innovative blended format on custom built radio training portal Tutors on this courses include Daryl Moorhouse of TinPot, Jonathan Healy of Newstalk, Colm O’Sullivan of Today FM and Ruth Scott of 2FM.

1st Radio Presentation Class

David with some of his classmates


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