This week, the class was all about improvisation. We were spilt into groups of six to seven people per group. Each of us was asked to share a personal story to the group and afterwards pick one the stories to act out.

Each member of the group had to play a part. We also had to think about our character a bit more because after we had acted out the story we had to be interviewed by the rest of the class. That was really fun, just to see what’s going on inside a character’s head. It also allowed us to see what impression the person playing that character had of them.

Afterward, staying in the same our groups, we had to sit in a circle and number ourselves one to six.

Then our tutor would describe a character. For example, a postman named Joey, who was having a tough time delivering the post. She would then say a number and if that was your number you would have to stand up and become that character.

You would describe yourself to your group until the tutor would say freeze. Then your group would ask you questions about yourself as that character. Each member had a chance of doing so, it seems like a great way to learn to do improv as you don’t have any real time to think about anything. All you really do is react to the question the best way you can! You Improvise!

Then the whole class had to sit in a circle with two of our classmates in the middle. One of them had to lead the scenario and the other was to respond, as they played the scene out for about thirty seconds or so.

Again, the tutor would then say freeze, and select someone randomly to enter the circle and swap places with the person who started the scene.Then the other person remaining from the previous scene had to lead this time.

This continued until everyone had a chance at leading and being lead by their partner. This is another great way to learn how to react to people, rather than planning out a scene. It’s really about being aware of what is going on with the other character and how they are acting towards you, so that your response makes sense the audience.

Every week is so action packed and I’m really looking forward for the next.

Paddy Ferry is a new student on our ‘Introduction to Drama’ course, Week 6, November 2014.



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