This week class was about script reading and how it can be interpreted differently depending on whose reading the scene.

The class started as usual with loosen up games. Then we were given out scripts for a scene and split into groups depending on the amount of characters in the each scene.  We were then asked to pick a character and read through it amongst ourselves. The scripts had dialogue, and it was up to each group to figure out where the scene was based and who each character was. We also had to decide what each of our parts wound be in the scene and what type of character we would play. For example, were they an aggressive person, nervous, and so on.

Each group had to read their scene aloud and before doing so they described the scene and the characters.

Some of the groups had the same scene, but when describing them, the characters’ identities were different from the other group, based on the decisions they made.

After each group had read their scene  they had to the decide  how they would then act it out, with freedom given to change the lines a little bit to suit what they were acting out.

We would present our scene once, and then the tutor got us to do it again with a bit of direction towards one or two of the characters.

It was amazing to see how different every scene was from the first time it was played out!

Personally I found it bit difficult to stay in character while trying to remember lines and trying to respond to other characters quickly enough, so that the dialog didn’t seem strained. But I’m still learning a lot and enjoying every week’s class thoroughly.

At the end of the class we were asked to look over our scripts again at home as we will be doing more with them at the next session.

Bring it on!

Paddy Ferry is a new student on our ‘Introduction to Drama’ course, Week 3, October 2014.



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