This week’s class was about voice and how important the use of your voice can be in acting.

The class started with our usual exercises, which were changed a bit to suit the theme of this week’s lesson.The class was then split into three groups consisting of five to six people per group. Each group was asked to create a grandfather clock, with each member portraying a different piece of the clock.We also had to produce the sounds of the clock. Every group had their own interpretation of how they went about creating the clock, and all three groups had their own style. But in the end, it was clear to see what was being presented by the sound effects provided.

The class was then given the chorus of the well-known play by Romeo and Juliet. A chorus is the synopsis of a play that is read out before the play is about to begin. It consisted of about twelve lines that were split amongst the class. For instance, everyone would say the first line, then a third of the group would do the next, or just the girls the next, and so on. The class was then split into two groups that had to recite the lines given, while facing their opposite group. While doing so we had to deliver the lines with different emotions, such as displaying anger and hatred towards the other group, and vice a verse.

It was really enjoyable and relaxing having the whole class working together on one piece. Then we were the put back into our original groups to create an event for radio with dialog and sound effects. We were given different genres for the type of scene, such as horror, thriller and sci-fi. While each group acted out their scene the rest of the class would sit with their eyes closed and listen, then afterwards try and guess the genres.

It was great fun, and some of the ideas were really creative. For example, we had  an alien  invasion,  gun fights on the streets of New York and a psychopath sneaking up on victims. As the course progresses, we’re starting to do more ambitious and complicated pieces, which is making it all the more rewarding.