It’s week three of Introduction to Drama, and everyone is starting to get into the swing of things now. Once again, we started with more loosening up exercises to get everyone into the zone.  The lessons were quite similar to what we’ve done previously, but tweaked here and there to make them more intense, and more demanding.

Firstly, we all stood in a circle, with one person standing in the middle of the floor. That person then had to choose someone in the circle to interact with. They chose them by saying: “You,” and then holding eye contact with their choice until the person in the outer circle walked towards the centre and changed places with the person who selected them. It felt pretty intense, just waiting to be picked, and then to hold the moment while walking to the centre.

After this exercise we were split into pairs and given four lines of dialogue. This was similar to one of last week’s lessons, but with much stronger language. The four lines we had were “Can you help me?”, “I can’t”, “Why not?”, and “Because I hate you”.

The people who began the dialogue would stand on one side of the room, and those that were responding stood on the other side with their backs to them. We started the dialogue and before the last night was delivered our partner across the room would slowly turn around and deliver their line. Then we continued with the lines and changed it up a bit by having the people starting the dialog walk to the centre of the room and start the piece, while the people with their backs would slowly turn around and walk up to their opposite and say the line. It felt very strange saying such strong words to someone without any real context.

We did that for a while but we altered it by changing the lines to “Wait for me,” “Why?”, and “Because I love you”. We then were split into bigger groups of five or six and given a well known fairytale to act out, without using any dialogue. It was a bit tricky trying to figure out how to tell the story without speaking but everyone threw their ideas in and it worked pretty well.

We would act out the scene once, and then again with music and try to react with the type of music that was playing. it showed how much different kinds of music can influence a scene.After this we were put back into our original pairs and given a random relationships, such as siblings, a boss and employee, or a doctor and patient. We had to come up with a conflict to act out and were also given random ways of resolving it, such a through a confrontation, a negotiation, or by belittling one another.

We would then act it out in front of the class and they would  try to guess the relationships between each character and how the conflict was being resolved.

All in all it was a very enjoyable lesson, with a lot of new stuff to take in. Looking forward to the next one!!

Paddy Ferry is a new student on our ‘Introduction to Drama’ course, Week 3, October 2014.



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