‘Week two of Introduction to Drama, and I felt a lot more relaxed entering the class. The initial nerves from week one were gone, as I had some idea of what to expect. This week our tutor started us off with some new warm-up games to break the ice, and loosen up the class. 
Some of the games also helped us with spatial awareness and taught us about stage cues. One of the lessons involved us performing a few different characters: a clown, a bully, a flirt, a big shot and a couch potato. We’d each choose one to act, and this helped teach us about developing different personas.

Then we were split into groups of four and told to set a scene of an historic events or a well known scene people would recognise. Each group work-shopped on it for a while, before presenting it to the class. It was enjoyable and good fun trying to guess and understand what each event was. Some were easier than others, but the mistakes made with guesses got a few laughs!!

We then went into groups of two. We were given four lines of dialogue between us. ‘Hi,’ ‘How are you?’ ‘Not too good actually,’ and ‘Why, what’s wrong?’. We then had to develop this into a story, about what was wrong, and try to act that out for the rest of the class. From our performance of delivering just the four lines, the class would then have to guess what the issue was with the person.

It was interesting trying to guess what the relationships were between the two people – were they strangers to each other, family, etc.
We went back into the bigger groups and acted out the earlier characters – clown, bully, flirt, big shot and couch potato. We pretended we were queuing at a bus stop, getting on the bus etc. This was also presented to the class who had to guess which character we were portraying. We had a lot of fun with this one – seeing how everyone interpreted the different personas.

Overall, it was another great experience! I feel much more confident in class and I am definitely learning a lot. Roll on week 3!!’

Paddy Ferry is a new student on our ‘Introduction to Drama’ course, Week 2, October 2014.



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