Dress up in your finest bloody threads and choose to dance with the Goths or walk among the dead. Join hundreds of participants who have transformed into Goths and Zombies for a thrilling walk through the city. Working with choreographer Megan Kennedy from junk ensemble this will be a dance off unlike anything seen before – arms and legs may go flying as Zombies face off the Goths.

2pm – 3pm Saturday 25th October – George’s Street/ Grafton Street area.

To be a Goth

We are looking for dancers, people who like to dance, dance groups, dance schools and colleges to sign up and be Goths.

We would ask all Goths to commit to rehearsals with Megan Kennedy of junk ensemble on Saturday 18th October 13:30 to 17:00 & Saturday 25th October 09:00 to 12:00.

After a break, on Saturday 25th, the Goths will then get ready, we’ll have makeup artists on hand to help you get that Goth look, but bring your own costume – think Robert Smith. The walk to the Dance Off will start just after 14:00.

The Goth v Zombie Dance Off  will broadcast live from 98 FM BIGRED.

Help us dance those flesh eaters out of town…


Sign up by emailing danceoff@BigHouseProductions.ie