Dublin is one of the world’s most animated cities of music. Dublin City Council is working in partnership with artists and music organisations to develop a new music festival for Dublin.

The first MusicTown festival takes place  between 10  – 19 April 2015.


MusicTown’s vision is to amplify the many voices to be heard in Dublin, from the celebrated to those we have yet to discover, across all genres, bringing people together to be surprised and inspired by the city and its music. Inspired by Handel’s legacy and innovation the Festival will also have a special place for his music.

MusicTown celebrates the best, the next and the unexpected.

MusicTown’s programme respects all genres of music (from classical, traditional, urban, jazz, contemporary and all stops in between), through a festival model that is sustainable, supportive and collaborative.

MusicTown will become an annual showcase of all genres of music being played in Dublin.


Dublin City Council Arts Office is seeking proposals from musicians / cultural organisations / venues/ producers who are interested in presenting events within this festival in 2015.

MusicTown will:

–       Promote your event as part of the festival (PR, online brochure, social media).

–       Provide production / practical assistance (this will be agreed on an event by event basis where we can match the help we can give to your needs).

–       Provide financial assistance (as partners are expected bring their own resources to proposed events ,this will be agreed on an event by event basis and only where required/feasible, not all events proposed to the festival may require or recieve financial assistance) 

Your event needs to

  • Take place between  10-19 April 2015 in Dublin.
  • Present any form of music.

We are particularly interested in propsals which

  • Showcase high quality Irish and/or international artists.
  • Are innovative in terms of music and collaboration.
  • Showcase young musicians and/or target young audiences/participants
  • Engages with the city in interesting ways.
  • Can appeal to, challenge and excite a local and international audience.
  • Can secure other sources of funding including in-kind funding.


Proposals will be assessed by the MusicTown team, members of the Dublin City Council Arts Office and the MusicTown Advisory Committee, which includes persons from the arts, media and tourism sectors in Dublin.

Proposals should include:

  • Max 4 X A4 pages.
  • Information on the events artistic concept.
  • Proposed venue (where known) and/or other relevant partnerships.
  • How the event contributes to the priorities/objectives of the festival.
  • Summary bios of key personnel (artistic and production).
  • Short descriptions of 2 music events previously organised, including venue details and attendance figures.
  • Proposed budget (including other sources of financial and in-kind support).
  • Weblinks to 3 audio / video examples of group/ individuals work (we cannot accept media files by email).

Send your proposal to: contact@musictown.ie

Closing date for submission:   5pm  Monday  20th October  2014

For more on MusicTown  www.musictown.ie   @musictowndublin   musictowndublin     

For queries on MusicTown contact contact@musictown.ie