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Artistic Entrepreneurship @ CFCP
Artistic Entrepreneurship is a new, very rapidly developing area of support and skills allowing artists and arts professionals to unfold their innovative and entrepreneurial nature. Artists need to addresses in a very practical way the core aspects of artistic entrepreneurship and business skills helping to build strong careers in the arts sector. Each and every artist, no matter what their genre needs to look at and address some basic business skills, from marketing, finance, sales and legal issues without loosing the space and time for creativity. Like everything you want to achieve both personally or professionally, you need to set specific goals, aims and outcomes that relate to a timed plan in order to give yourself the best chance of success, chance is not a good strategy.


However, the most important aspect of your artistic career is your Creativity (music, art, performance etc) but the outcomes of your creativity need to be heard or seen, they cannot exist in a vacuum.

CFCP Artistic Entrepreneurship Series 2014 / 2015
Here in the Centre for Creative Practices, Artistic Entrepreneurship is one of our core strands. We feel passionately about the sustainability of the arts sector, particularly artists, arts professionals and arts organisations.


By the term Artistic Entrepreneurship we are not just talking about developing the business or commercial aspect of the arts sector but we are also concerned with how the arts sector describes the world, why and to whom are they communicating with through art and what Purpose and Impact do the arts and individual artists have.


Increasing audience engagement is also another leading topic in the CFCP Artistic Entrepreneurship Series because if we can increase audiences participation this means more people get to see and interact with artistic work and maybe have their prejudice / conceptions changed.


We feel that there are revenue streams available to all artists, arts professionals and arts organisation working in all genres. However we understand that not all projects have a revenue but those that do can help to fund the ones that do not. From the business and commercial side we are looking at how the arts sector can in a sustainable way increase its role in the economy.

CFCP Artistic Entrepreneurship Events
10 September 2014 – Introduction Session & Programme Launch
Introduction to Artistic Entrepreneurship

6.30pm – Admission Free

On Wednesday 10th September we are putting on a free seminar on Artistic Entrepreneurship in CFCP and also launching our Winter 2014/15 Artistic Entrepreneurship Programme which includes workshops, courses, resources and mentoring.

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22 September  – 20 October 2014 – Course

What’s in it for me? – Introduction to Artistic Entrepreneurship

6.30pm – 8.30pm for 5 week Course

Non-Members €50 / Members €45

This 5 week course will take you through some of the basic principles of the artistic entrepreneurship programme that we run in CFCP. Topics will include: goals, aims and purpose, the impact of your work, your story, marketing and sales and finance.

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23 September  – 21 October 2014 – Course

Marketing for Artistic Entrepreneurs

6.30pm – 8.30pm for 5 week Course

Non-Members €50 / Members €45

In this 5 week course we will take a closer look at marketing for artists and arts organsiations. We will look at new methods and thoughts, define a marketing strategy for you or your organisation and take a look at alternative ways of marketing on a budget.

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27 September – Workshop

Help! It doesn’t pay – YOU need to think about your artistic career – Artistic Entrepreneurs

10am – 5pm

Non-Members €50 / Members €45

Have you been trying to make a living from your art? Have you been trying to get an audience for your art?

Struggling?, then struggle no more. This 1 day workshop will give you a basic insight into how to change this, the steps you need to take and what results you are looking for. It will also ask you the question, why am I doing this, for whom and why? Define your purpose and impact and kickstart your career in the arts.

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27 September – Workshop

A Very Short Workshop on Marketing for Artistic Entrepreneurs

10am – 5pm

Non-Members €50 / Members €45

This 1 day intensive workshop on marketing will cover a lot of ground. By the end of the day you will have the outline of your marketing strategy and also be aware of new methods and ideas on marketing that are specific to the arts sector. The workshop is suitable for artists, arts professionals and arts organisations looking to take their marketing to the next level.

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1 October 2014 – Networking

Artistic Entrepreneurs – Creative Networking Nights

6.30pm – Admission Free

CFCP’s monthly artistic entrepreneurs networking night. Come along and mix, talk, drink and listen to pitches, talks, discussions and maybe some music.

All free only booking is required to confirm your place.

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29 October 2014 – Workshop

Oh **** it’s that time again – Personal Finance for Artistic Entrepreneurs


Non-Members €10 / Members €8

This 3 hour workshop will help you to fill those all important  tax returns. It will cover what you need, how to submit and what to expect and how to apply and eligibility for artists exemption

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6 & 7 December 2014 – Workshop

CFCP Magic Theatre Weekend

10am – 6pm

Non-Members €100 / Members €90

Welcome to the magic theatre, here will will get together a group of individuals who can help a common good. The whole weekend will be spent looking at how we can help one specific topic that relates to one of our core themes, cultural diversity and what can we do to solve one specific problem.

The weekend will include the magic theatre, group discussions, talks and workshops as well as some entertainment. We will challenge you, push you and encourage you but in the end the ideas will have to come from the group. Should be a great weekend and hopefully we can produce a great outcome.

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CFCP Artistic Entrepreneurship Mentoring
We are constantly made aware of the needs of artists, arts professionals and arts organisations.  If you have something that you need professional help with or you are searching for the resources to complete a project you have or you just need someone to run an idea by then the CFCP Artistic Entrepreneurship Mentoring Scheme is tailored just for you.  The fee is €10 per hour and appointments can be made by calling the centre on 01 7995416 or email us your enquiry here >>
CFCP Artistic Entrepreneurship Services / Resources
Here in the Centre for Creative Practices we have identified a number of needs for artists, arts professionals and arts organisations to help them with sustainability, impact and purpose.


Services and resources we offer that come under the heading of Artistic Entrepreneurship include:


Marketing | Audience Development & Marketing Packs for Artists – increasing Impact and visibility

Networking Sessions | Talks / Discussion Sessions | Training & Mentoring Outreach

Physical Resources | Physical Space for Performance and Exhibition | Artists Needs Survey

Consultancy – Identify Impact and Purpose for Artists | How To e-books and pamphlets


Coming Soon:


Profitable Artists Boot camp 2015 | On-line Courses | On-line Resources

Nationwide Training Programme


For more details please contact CFCP by clicking here >>

CFCP Artistic Entrepreneurship Twitter Page 
We have dedicated Twitter page to the CFCP Artistic Entrepreneurship Series.  Here you can catch-up with any discussions on Artistic Entrepreneurship or ask a question or just hang out.  We will be having a weekly dedicated time slot for questions and discussion with the first one starting during our first Creative Networking Night on 1st October at 6.30pm. The hash tag is #cfcpArtEnt


To keep up-to-date see our dedicated Twitter Page click here >> 

CFCP Artistic Entrepreneurship Facebook Page
We also have a dedicated Facebook Page for all things related to Artistic Entrepreneurship.  Please check it out, here you can book tickets and places to events and courses as well as finding out about our other services for Artistic Entrepreneurs.


To keep up-to-date see our dedicated Facebook Page click here >>

Summing up CFCP’s Artistic Entrepreneurship Series 2014 -15
So as you can see here in the Centre for Creative Practices we have set up a number of courses, discussions, networking opportunities, services and resources around Artistic Entrepreneurship. We are always looking at new developments within the topic and you can rest assured that new courses, services and resources will be added and existing ones revised to keep you up-to-date with the very lastest information on Artistic Entrepreneurship


We look forward to seeing you in the Centre for Creative Practices as part of the Artistic Entrepreneurship Series and if you have any questions in the meantime please send me an email to ian@cfcp.ie and I will personally answer them as soon as I can.






Ian Oliver

Centre for Creative Practices

15 Pembroke Street Lower

Dublin 2

Centre for Creative Practices
15 Pembroke Street Lower

Dublin 2

+353 1 7995416