Tales form Briar Hall


Introducing Illustrated Productions newest show, TALES FROM BRIAR HALL, written by Katie McCann, directed by Jeda de Bri and starring Ste Murray, Katie McCann and the vocal talents of John Kavanagh as The Narrator.

This is the story of two quite un-extraordinary people. If you were hoping for an extraordinary play about extraordinary people then I am afraid this is not the play for you. Edward is not the type of boy that you would notice. Bullied his entire life, he retreats into the isolation of the woods beside his house, content to be left alone with the animals that inhabit it… but when he stumbles into the depths of Briar Hall one night, his presence is felt all too strongly by Daisy, the surreptitious inhabitant of the house.

Daisy knows that this is destiny, that he is the one she has been waiting for and now that she has him, she has no intention of letting him go. If walls could talk, you might not want to hear what Briar Hall has to say…

‘Illustrated Productions’ was founded by GSA Graduates Katie McCann and Ashleigh Dorrell (Class of 2013) .

Starts next Tuesday 12th August until Saturday 23rd August, in Theatre Upstairs.

Shows at 1pm Tuesdays-Saturdays and 7pm Thursdays-Saturdays.

Book Now via the Theatre Upstairs website! 



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