On the show Jason will be interviewing celebrities about their lives and trawling through their photo albums to get a real insight into what they have got up to. He will also be taking a look at your photos (Should you choose to send some in) and will be generally messing around with all kinds of images from your internets and attics, all in the name of comedy.

Due to the high demand, tickets will be issued firstly (but not soley) to those who send in photos. With that in mind, should you have any pictures you wish to share, please send them to Sylvia.lynch@tv3.ie and please write a brief description as to why you have sent in that particular picture. There will be a prize for an audience member who has sent in a picture on the night.

You must be available to attend the recording 7pm, Wednesday 9th July in the Sony HD building, TV3, Westgate Business Park, Dublin 12. *Please note this is a pilot episode, although this show will be recorded, it may not air on TV.

They can be funny pictures, cute pictures, pictures of friends who look like celebrities, mainly pictures with a story behind them.

As the show is next week, if you would like tickets, please contact Sylvia as soon as possible.

Finally if you would like to be a contestants or audience member for any of our other shows, please go to www.tv3.ie/takepart



Calling all Professional Actors! The Gaiety School of Acting are also hosting a specialised ‘Career Preparation’ course from the 8th – 24th July 2014.  This inspiring and insightful new programme allows those of you who are serious about acting learn more about the business whilst honing your craft.  For more information Click Here.