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The Gaiety School of Acting – The National Theatre School of Ireland has commissioned an original piece of theatre entitled ‘Dirty Laundry’ from internationally acclaimed Australian-based playwright, Chris Edmund, for the Class of 2014’s Graduation Play.

We are unique in that we are the only acting school in the country with a tradition of commissioning plays for Graduating Students. This will be the school’s 38th original piece of theatre for graduates since 1988. The play will be performed by the graduating students at Smock Alley Theatre-1662 from 23rd to the 28th of June 2014 at 7.30pm. Tickets for this event can be booked on www.smockalley.com

‘Dirty Laundry’ is a theatre piece written for the school’s 19 graduating actors. It engages with the ideas of home in a very broad way, embracing the journey of characters from the ghost of the painter Francis Bacon to people on the very outer of society struggling to find a place for themselves in a fractured world.  Art is also central to the piece. Can it heal? Can it teach us how to live or even love? Can it in a real way be a home for people?

This play will to be performed in the main space at Smock Alley Theatre. It is written and directed by Chris Edmund, with set and lighting design and set by Marcus Costello. Roger Gregg will create a live soundscape, and costumes are being designed by Helen Connolly.

Chris Edmund notes ‘It is a great thrill to be working with such a dedicated and dynamic group of young actors as we engage in evolving a new work’

He continued ‘The themes of the play are quite confronting and I’m delighted that the cast have committed with such enthusiasm and passion in bringing this work to the stage of Smock Alley’.

Chris Edmund is the former acting head of West Australian Academy of Performing Arts (WAAPA) where some of his students included Hugh Jackman, Frances O’Connor and Jai Courtney.  His previous plays ‘The Devil’s Tunic’ and ‘The Butcher’s Dance’ have received rave reviews across Australia.

Hugh Jackman has said about Chris: ”There is not one job that I do when I’m not using one of the pearls of wisdom that Chris gave us. He was a very influential director, teacher and writer”  Hugh Jackman – Australian Actor & Hollywood Superstar.

Hugh Jackman recently tweeted the cast to wish them luck & encourage people to go along and see the show and the great work Chris is doing with our guys: https://twitter.com/RealHughJackman/status/476128290391224321

Tickets for this event can be booked on www.smockalley.com

Class of 2014 - Dirty Laundry Rehersals_v3_June 2014



Graduate Class of 2014

Barry O’Connell

Clara Harte

David Rowe

Eilís Carey

Elijah Rowen

Ellen Cloney

Gina Burke

Hannah Colgan

India Mullen

Lauren Cardiff

Louise O’Meara

Luke McQuillan

Marnie McCleane-Fay

Megan O’Flynn

Shane O’Regan

Stephen O’Leary

Thomas Beatty

Wesley O’Duinn

Francine Darby