Sweet Rose Films

We’re looking for actors and actresses for a new TV series being shot in Dublin this May.

Three actresses in their 20’s are required for the show, as well as several male roles. This will be filmed in a short period of around 10 days. Auditions will begin next week in Dublin City Centre on Wednesday 19th March. There will a small payment for the roles which will be discussed upon casting.

Laura: (Females 20-30)

Laura is a sexy, dark haired PR girl, who uses her body to get what she wants. She wears low cut tops, tight skirts but she is not super skinny.

Katie: (Females 20-30)

Katie is a sweet, very natural looking girl from outside Dublin. She is shy and awkward. She wears very little makeup and has long natural hair.


(Females 20-30)

Tara is a care free, hipster type of character. She goes from job to job and left school early. She is very chilled out. Looking for a girl with red hair for this role. Piercings are a plus!

Rob: (Males 20-30)

Rob is a very sweet looking character. He falls in love with one of the lead characters in the show, but there is more than meets the eye. Looking for someone with soft features.

Luke (The Barman): (Males aged 20-30)

Luke is a barman who has a one night stand with one of the lead characters and but wants more.

James: (Males aged 20-30)

James is enjoying a ‘friends with benefits’ relationship with one of the lead characters. He is scruffy looking. He has no ambition and loves to just chill out.

Liam: (Males, aged 30 to 45 from Ireland)

Liam is the boss of one of the lead characters, and they have a steamy affair. He has dark hair and deep eyes. There are some sex scenes with this character.

To apply to a role, email Ali at officialalirose@gmail.com with a CV and photos. Closing date Tuesday 18th March.