Champlain College Dublin in association with Irish Filmmaker Barrie Dowdall are looking for actors (non paid) to work on 3 short films which will be produced and directed by three of Champlain’s best 3rd year film majors who are in Dublin for the Spring Semester.

The films will be shot late March/early April and no shoot will last more than 2 days.

The 3 films will be shot on state-of-the-art high definition cameras, finished to a broadcast standard and represent an opportunity for up and coming acting actors to get themselves on screen.

Barrie Dowdall (Champlain Tutor) has a long track record with the Gaiety School of Acting and has worked with many young GSA film and TV actors who are now well established both nationally and internationally.


Ghosts of Mine (10 mins)

Aberdeen, a heartbroken college student learns some life lessons from her father’s ghost.

CAST NEEDED: College Students. Father/Ghost. Teacher. Mother. Girl.

Further details: Christian Wright 086 2220103 or


Better in 2014 (9 mins)

A young woman discovers some freshly painted graffiti in a coffee shop bathroom that reads “Better in 2014” and wonders who might have written it.

CAST NEEDED: Jill, early 20’s. Marissa late 30’s/early 40’s dying from cancer. Derek, early 30’s run down businessman. Lanky cocaine addict on the verge of relapse. Sam 17 year old girl.

Further details: Jeremy Collins 086 4543517 or


Sibling Stories (10 mins)

In Dan Holodak’s film, Sibling Stories, an American writer living in Dublin deals with the death of his older sister by writing stories based on their past experiences together.  When he meets an Irish college girl who is a fan of his books, she causes him to think differently about his situation and take to heart the lessons his sister was trying to teach him.

CAST NEEDED: a female actress in her early 20s to play the book lover.

Further details: Dan Holodak at 083 1846559 or



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