My name is Diana and I’m one of the full time students at The Gaiety School of Acting.

I am in my 1st year of the Two Year Full Time Intensive Professional Actor Training Programme at the school.

I started my training last October and I have been very busy since day 1. So far, this is the most amazing experience intertwined with the happiest times of my life.

I feel it is a challenge, but in a good way. Tough, but rewarding. The training is very demanding, you have to focus and be present with the right energy all the time, due to the physical and emotional work you are compelled to do, but on the other hand you can expect to get really fit in no time.

Every week we have to keep journals which helps us organize and structure everything we learn, but teachers do help you with this laborious task.

On a social level, everyone is so incredibly friendly and they really care about the students. No one is self conscious or competitive, there is a great sense of ensemble between first years, second years and part time students.

I can’t describe how happy I am when I am in school and when it comes to holidays, it’s nice to have a rest but I do miss it all.
In short,the knowledge we acquire at the Gaiety School of Acting is of the most importance and I feel very optimistic about my future, because I feel I’ll have all the necessary tools to be a professional actor.

If you are interested in learning more about our Two Year Full Time and One Year Part Time Acting courses at The Gaiety School of Acting then why not stop by to our Open Day on Saturday 22nd March. You can sign up and learn more on our website here.