Casting for Final year graduate film in IADT. Must be available from the dates April 1st to 5th. In a dystopian world a holistic treatment created unusually intelligent children. With no long term testing adults affected by the treatment begin to lose their intelligence dramatically in their mid thirties. With no elder government the children assess the adults to see if they are still fit to continue in life. Rick has just has just turned thirty five and after some mistakes at work he is sent in for assessment.

Age Range 30-40: does his upmost to be the best he can be. He fools himself into thinking he’s not going to be affected but relies on straight talking, reason and compromise to get himself out of trouble.
Age Range 30-40: Through his bravado he believes he’ll pass. He meets Rick in the waiting room where his empathetic nature eventually becomes apparent. Both Steven and Rick are constantly battling the inevitable.
Dr Holten
Age Range 12-17 Male or Female: Is cold, calculated and intellectually unmatched. Through his/her callousness Dr. Holten takes a pleasure in examining the adults but hides it well.
In this film we need fine actors to play silent roles. As the film works deeply within the atmosphere in which the tone is set these actors must be able to compliment this through precise physical movement.
Dr Roach
Age Range 18-25: Is an assistant to Dr Holten. He is caught between the parallel of being young enough to be useful and effective whilst approaching the age of deterioration. Whilst assisting he begins to feel empathy for Rick.
The Two Goons
Age Range 35-45
Are older, silent men who are the physical aid to the children. Physically big men in their early to mid forties they loosely represent the want to remain young at whatever cost to their dignity.
Three doctors
Age Range Male/ Female12- 17
These doctors administrate small operations on the “patients” within the hospital. Cold and calculated their hatred of the adults is only held in through their intelligence.
We are also looking for a group of extras in their mid to late teens.

Director: Stewart G Lambert
Shooting April 1st- 5th throughout Dublin
Auditions for this will take place on February 21st and 22nd
Please contact greengatecasting@gmail.com with your age group in the subject