Digital Biscuit is a three day long event, open to the public, taking place in the Science Gallery, Dublin, Ireland, 22-24 January 2014. The event will feature a creative hub of national and global industry leaders, enabling creatives by focusing on Ireland’s capabilities as a creative and technological leader in innovative film and television production.

We have a wide range of talks taking place over the two days, including;

On Thursday the 23rd:

* John Boyle the Digital Director and head of Social at Ogilvy Ireland will present ‘Redefined & Transformed: The Relationship Between Consumer, Advertising and Creative Media’

* Des Kavanagh, the Senior Copywriter at Ogilvy Ireland and The Einstein Couple, Film Marketing Specialists at Nymph()maniac, will present ‘Digital Marketing: Are There Any Borders?’

* Ian Power, Award Winning Director at Poderosa Pictures, will share his personal experience as a director in the advertising world in a talk entitled ‘Directing Commercials’.

* The Einstein Couple, the Film Marketing Specialists behind the notorious Nymph()maniac campaign, will speak about how to craft a successful Creative Strategy that will resonate with an audience and build buzz for any creative project in a presentation entitled ‘Brutal Honesty: The Secret Formula to Successful Film Campaigns’.

Talks on Friday the 24th include:

* Richard Glynn, CEO at Studio POWWOW, discusses ‘Transmedia Storytelling and Creating Consistent Story’s and Entertainment Brands Across Multiple Media Platforms’.

* Joe Marks, Former Head of Disney Research, will address ‘Technological Innovation in the Media & Entertainment Industry’.

These are just a selection of the talks available at Digital Biscuit. The full programme can be found on our website, along with our range of workshops, which are in smaller seminar groups, and the details of our exhibitors at our free technology exhibition, KinoPlay.

Tickets to the talks are sold by the day, and are priced at just 60 euro per day. If you are a larger group of people going to the talks, we can offer you a 10% discount for groups of 10 or more, please contact us if you wish to avail of this offer. We also have a competition running at the moment that all tickets purchased before 5pm today (Monday 20th January) are in with a chance of winning an Apple TV.

Digital Biscuit is aimed at putting Ireland on the global map as leaders in the fusion of creativity and technology, and we anticipate this will be one of the most important events taking place in Europe in 2014 for both creatives and the digerati.

If you would like to order tickets for your agency, please do not hesitate to contact me.

We look forward to seeing you at Digital Biscuit