Students !  We need you to help us take a stance on Gay Rights…!!

Shooting this Monday (20th) from 2.00-5.00pm is the new His Emineminence spoof hip-hop satirical video.  We’re taking on Vladimir Putin and his despicable anti-”gay propaganda” laws.  The scene is set in a nightclub and we want you to join us, have a bop and take a stance.  S**t, you’ll even get to say “F**k You” to Mr. Putin – well, y’know…… lip-sync an expletive we’ve already recorded.

You can let us know you’re coming by posting on the public event page The Putin Rap on Facebook. And you can check out His Emineminence’s last rap by feeding his name into the YouTube. We’re looking to get up to 30 of you talented fools, so even if you can only make part of the shoot, do come along.  It’ll be the craic, most likely go viral during the Sochi Winter Games and – when they ask what YOU did to stand up to Putin – you can say “I danced……”

If you hate Facebook and all it stands for, you can also call Dermot on 086 8391553.   Cheers…