David and Emma meet in an empty blinding white room where their love will either be reconciled or lost forever. Trapped by their inability to communicate, their shadows reveal their inner thoughts through contemporary dance.


David (early to mid 20’s): Is good natured and caring however his own inner demons have caused him to breach Emma’s trust. Now he has to try to overcome his shortcomings and win back her trust.


Emma (early to mid 20’s): Her natural naivety and trusting nature have been put to the test after an incident during her relationship with David. Now she must decide whether its harder to be alone or to trust again.


No Dancing Experience Necessary.

Unfortunately we are not in a position to pay cast, however catering will be supplied during production and travel expenses remunerated.


This would be a great opportunity to creatively collaborate in the creation of the film and great for a portfolio/showreel.

Previous Final year films from DIT School Of Media have screened and won awards around the world, including festivals in Galway, Los Angeles, Bangkok, Australia and New York.


The Director has previous experience directing an Arts Council funded film through the Fresh Film Festival and has recently completed a summer long internship with a New York based production company.


Auditions will take place in DIT Aungier st, Dublin 2 on Friday the 1st November

For an casting time please email your CV, headshot and showreel (if available) to: shadowsshortfilm@gmail.com