In celebration for this year’s Cork Jazz Festival Camden Place Hotel has chosen to take it’s regular All Ages Concert in a new direction……

Camden Palace Hotel is making an appeal to the young musicians of Cork to apply to play for our All Ages Cork Jazz Festival Concert. Whether a piano player or an EDM Artist, a rock band, hip hop, traditional or brass ensemble,- We want Folks of all persuasions to take up their instruments and raise voices by sharing their tunes in a mish mash of tastes for four hours on Sunday the 27th of October between 5-9 PM.

The All Ages Concert has become one of Camden Palace Hotel’s most popular events. Every month we attempt to bring together local Cork musicians to perform in front of a live audience. Provided with a concert space, a lighting & sound crew, front of house staff, along with lights, Stage, Mics & PA-The musicians will also have a Piano, Drum kit, Guitar and bass amps available for their use by Camden Palace Hotel .

The Community Arts Centre situated on the Camden Quay opposite the Cork Opera House will also provide the participating musicians with publicity material for the event with posters & flyers to promote their show to their family, friends and local community. All ticket sales on the day goes to hosting future All Ages Concert events that has now been running since last year.
As well as the All Ages Concert, from Friday the 25th to Monday the 28th Camden Palace Hotel is also hosting some other fantastic events over the Jazz weekend in this unique building…as an overview, there will be consecutive nights of live international & local Jazz bands providing the soundtrack for some Social dancing in the Palace’s Ballroom with amateur & professional Dancers of Swing, Blues & Lindy Hop taking to the dancefloor. If you are looking to brush up your moves or learn a new skill Dance Classes are also available that weekend! Exclusive & free to the Public screenings of concerts from the Montreux Jazz Festival by Herbie Hancock, Quincy Jones & other Artists such as Massive Attack will be on show in the Camden Palace Hotel theatre auditorium. Also provided free for all to view at times over the bank holiday weekend is a unique and extensive photographic exhibition of legendary Jazz Artists such as Miles Davis in the One LP project by William Ellis.

So with this all concurrently taking place, October’s All Ages Concert at Camden Palace Hotel is a golden opportunity for young Songwriters & Musicians to participate in the Cork Jazz Festival in the heart of the city to an extended audience of music lovers
If you want to share your music with the people of Cork, please send your application to: with a link to a demo or performance.