We are conducting auditions for a supporting male role in a new play, A Pair of New Eyes. The world premiere will take place in Dublin in November 2013. 

The play covers twenty five years in the lives of two forgotten historical women from nineteenth century Ireland, who were pioneers in science, technology, and art.  Mary King, later Mary Ward (1827-69), and her life-long friend Mary Parsons, countess of Rosse (1812-85).

A Pair of New Eyes is a play of ideas, dealing with some big questions such as the limits of human understanding or the ambivalent role of technology in our lives, but the play also deals with a number of personal and public catastrophes, such as the Irish famine. This is a modern period drama – a multimedia production which engages with the traditions of nineteenth century melodrama and sensation theatre in radical new ways.

We are auditioning for the part of Mr Morton, a young, educated, well-off man from the British Conservative Party. He is an intelligent but intransigent young man, cold and aloof, unempathetic. His behaviour contracts with his age – he is very set in his ways.  The character is of a slight build, young-looking, and speaks RP English.

Auditions will be held on Sunday 25 August between 2 and 3 pm at The Exchange Arts Centre, in Exchange street, Temple Bar, Dublin 2.  The venue is one minute walk from Dame street.

Any actors interested in attending the audition are requested to send a head shot, a brief CV, and, if available, a showreel, to the following address: makentxu@gmail.com