WANTED for Rom-Com Short Feature being shot soon in the Midlands Ireland, Co Offaly area so you must be willing to travel.

Shooting will only take about 4 to 5 days but this is going to be a good one.

Email your Headshot and send a Video audition into germccormack@ymail.com for the role of Female to play ‘Spice / Mandy’


You must look as close as possible to the photo provided in the video audition and remember the English accent, midlands area like the way Victoria Beckham talks/

This is an important role and please read before you audition; you must be 18 – 21 but NO older and have the playing age of 16

Young fresh innocent face, pretty, blonde hair with dark streaks,

Or if you have dark hair, put blonde or purple streaks into it, temp spray.

Bright blue eyes.  So tough to find a girl like this.

This character should be wearing clothes of EMO style

Long coloured socks, short skirt, the works, insecure look.

Eye done makeup like Kesha, one of those girls holding an hello kitty

FINALLY ‘Spice’ has an English accent.

Video Audition should show your whole being, not just your head and arms

And clear sound, clear enough visual as though it’s for youtube friends.

Send in reply soon !!!