A small crew of talented filmmakers are working together to create a series of alternative short
shorts. The film will revolve around a narrative bringing the shorts together. Shooting throughout August we will be holding auditions on the Tuesday the 6th of August in Dublin City center.
Most of these shorts will involve very little dialogue so each actor must be adept to
communicating through slight facial and body movements.
Each short will take one day to shoot, they are not paid but will produce very good footage for
showreels and opportunities for paid work in the future with these film makers.
We are casting for the following:
“The Beach”
2 Males
First- 35-­40, Thin, preferably bald
Second 65+

“The Bus”
2 Males­ Both 25­-35. One angry, one placid.

Male 18­-25
Female 50-­60

Male 25-­35, Childrens presenter type
Male 35­-40, Stout, sloppy father
Female 7-­11

Male 18-­25

For further information please contact sgalambert@gmail.com